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Navigation Systems

Long gone are the days when you have to resort to large and bulky road maps to find your way along unfamiliar paths when travelling by motorhome. Nowadays, there are modern alternatives to analogue maps and you can let navigation devices

Long gone are the days when you have to resort to large and bulky road maps to find your way along unfamiliar paths when travelling by motorhome. Nowadays, there are modern alternatives to analogue maps and you can let navigation devices guide you along the roads and lead you to your destination. Especially on camping trips to foreign climes, a Sat-Nav for the motorhome can be very helpful.
At Berger Camping you will find a wide range of navigation systems and reversing camerasfor campers and motorhomes:

  • well-known brands like Garmin, Dometic, TomTom and Ventura Pro
  • numerous functions like traffic jam info, map updates and lane assistant
  • easy installation
  • easy operation
  • accessories like Sat-Nav mount
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Camper Navigation: What distinguishes a good navigation system?

The mobile home or camper Sat-Nav, a navigation system in a motorhome or caravan is supposed to guide the driver via the right route to the destination. This means that the navigation system only guides you along roads that are also accessible to your vehicle. This is because narrow or poorly constructed roads are not always passable for motorhomes in particular. The same applies to the clearance heights of bridges - if the camper is too high, you will not be able to continue on the corresponding route.
Ordering and buying a camper navigation device will save you a lot of stress when travelling with your camper van. The clever devices also have many other functions, such as a traffic jam detector that tells you an alternative route in good time so that you do not have to spend your holiday time on busy roads. Additional extras such as a lane assistant, map updates and a practical voice input make your camping holiday easier.
The sturdy design of navigation devices for motorhomes ensures a particularly long service life. In addition, the mobile devices can be easily installed and easily operated in the caravan's cabin with special navigation mounts. Many systems are also equipped with a practical reversing camera option so that you can enjoy even more driving comfort in your motorhome.

Navigation for motorhomes: How does it work?

High-quality navigation systems for motorhomes from well-known brands such as Garmin, TomTom or Dometic. The devices are easy to operate and can be adjusted individually for the most part. For example, if you enter the height, width and weight of your vehicle, only the routes that are passable for your camper will be selected. In this way, the navigation device with GPS reception avoids routes with impassable bridges or roads.
With a standardised database or automatic and often free map updates, the information on the roads in the navigation system is usually up-to-date. In addition, most devices can display various POIs (Points of Interest) that meet your personal needs. These include useful points of contact such as petrol stations, restaurants, hotels, pharmacies or garages, as well as tourist attractions such as sights.
Many camper navigation devices are operated by voice input, so that you as the driver can enjoy even more comfort and keep both hands on the wheel. Furthermore, there are already mobile navigation devices that have a preset user profile for campers. This saves you manual configuration and all you have to do is select the right vehicle from a list.
Tip: With a Naviceiver, a combined device consisting of a Sat-nav and a reversing system, you are safe on the road with your motorhome.

Motorhome Sat-navs: How are the devices installed?

Navigation devices for the car or for the caravan are mounted in the driver's cab so that both driver and passenger can see the display of the system. It also makes it easier to operate the device. At Berger Camping you will find sufficient accessories for navigation systems, such as navigation mounts, with which you can easily attach the mobile devices and remove them just as easily when leaving the vehicle.
There are mobile homes in which a navigation system is already installed by the manufacturer, as is the case with many passenger cars. Unlike mobile devices, you cannot remove these fixed installations. For this reason, most campers opt for mobile navigation devices, which you can use not only in your own motorhome, but also in your everyday vehicle or lend to your neighbour.

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