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Manoeuvring Aids & Movers

Buying and retrofitting a caravan manoeuvring aid is a real relief for your everyday camping life. The powerful Mover battery or Power Pack supplies your caravan drive with electricity. With Truma Mover, Reich EasyDriver, Robot Trolley,

Buying and retrofitting a caravan manoeuvring aid is a real relief for your everyday camping life. The powerful Mover battery or Power Pack supplies your caravan drive with electricity. With Truma Mover, Reich EasyDriver, Robot Trolley, AL-KO Mammut, Enduro em203 & Co. you can park "smoothly" on your plot or hitch your trailer to your towing vehicle in no time at all.

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Caravan manoeuvring aids, caravan movers

Caravan Mover easy to retrofit

Movers Caravans, the Manoeuvring aids are quite easy to retrofit. With a little technical talent and the right tools, the installation of your manoeuvring aid should be done quickly. If you don't know which mover to buy, are not technically sure or don't have the time to install your caravan mover, it's best to contact one of our Berger stores. There you will get a good offer for a caravan manoeuvring aid with installation.

Because the choice is not easy for amateurs. With manoeuvring aids such as the
  • Truma Mover
  • Reich Easydriver
  • Al-Ko Mammut
  • Enduro em
strong and powerful caravan drives face each other.

Truma XT, SX, Al-Ko Mammut m20, Ranger, Easydriver Basic, Active, Pro
– or would you prefer an Enduro em20?

The names are manifold, often the different mover types don't really differ, but sometimes elementary differences emerge. We try to eliminate these below with descriptions of the various brands and manoeuvring aids. In the end, it is usually your gut feeling and your wallet that decide which mover to buy.

Important key data:

  • How heavy is your caravan?
  • Tandem axle?
  • Single-axle?

Do the movers need TÜV (MOT)?

In principle, all delivered manoeuvring aids are accompanied by an instruction manual. This includes an ABE. Due to the General operating permit you do not need to present your caravan to the TÜV (MOT).

How does a manoeuvring aid work?

The caravan manoeuvring aid can be mounted in front of or behind the wheels of the caravan. It is attached to the chassis of your caravan. The drive roller with swivel mechanism, which is driven by an electric motor, is pressed onto the tyres. The two motors drive the tyres separately. This allows your Mover to perform very tight parking manoeuvres. Your caravan can now be manoeuvred with the remote control. Backwards, forwards and swivelling is easy via joystick, touch control or smartphone app. Power is supplied via the optional Power Pack. Before installing your Caravan Mover, pay attention to the approved payload. This is because the empty weight of your camper can increase considerably after the manoeuvring aid has been installed. For various caravan models, special adapter sets are required for secure attachment.

Mover: semi-automatic or fully automatic?

Semi-automatic or fully automatic? What is the difference apart from the price? Both types of manoeuvring aid are moved with the remote control, so that cannot be the decisive factor for the naming.

The solution is quite simple:

  • semi-automatic manoeuvring aid –- here the drive shaft of the mover is pressed manually, usually by lever or crank on the tyres
  • fully automatic manoeuvring aid – in this case the drive shaft lowers automatically onto the tyres, manual intervention is not necessary.

Truma Mover XT or SX?

Truma has been building top-class caravan drives for many years. With the current gems the Truma Mover XT (up to 2300 kg) or the Truma Mover SX (up to 2000 kg), there are two popular manoeuvring aid lines in our shop. The Truma SX is a fully automatic mover, swings automatically to the tyres after switching on. The Mover XT works semi-automatically, here you have to "give it a hand" before parking. XT and SX are constantly being optimised by Truma. The Truma Mover can turn your caravan on the spot and overcome gradients of up to 13%. They are operated via an innovative remote control with stepless acceleration.

Al-Ko manoeuvring aids

Al-Ko manoeuvring aids, the fully automatic Mammut m20 not only manoeuvres you in the tightest of spaces, this manoeuvring aid also overcomes gradients of up to 13%, with a full payload of 2250 kg. Three different Mammut variants are available for different installation situations. Operation is by joystick, which controls speed and direction. When the joystick is released, an emergency stop is made. Al-ko has launched the Ranger as a manual variant for single-axle caravans up to 1800 kg. The pressure on the Alko Ranger is applied via a crank and, according to Al-ko, slopes of up to 18% can be managed.

Reich Mover Easydriver

The newer Reich Movers can be operated by remote control or, if you buy an optional add-on board, with your smartphone. According to the manufacturer, the Reich Movers can overcome gradients of up to 15% (with a full load). The numbers 1.8, 2.3 and 2.8 (tandem axle) indicate the maximum permissible weight of 1800 to 2800 kg in each case.

You can get the Reich Mover in the variants:

Enduro manoeuvring aid EM

The movers from Enduro are inexpensive manoeuvring aid representatives that do what they are supposed to. The Enduro parks your caravan without any fuss.

  • Enduro EM203 Semi-automatic manoeuvring aid for caravans up to 1800 kg.
  • Enduro EM303+, a semi-automatic mover. Can be used for the single-axle caravan (up to 1800 kg), as well as for the double-axle caravan (up to 1800 kg). For heavy caravans with double axle (up to 2500 kg) 4 motors (2x the EM303+) must be installed.

Mover battery or power set

Caravan manoeuvring aids are always delivered without power supply. In order to be able to operate your Mover, you need a Power Set with a suitable Mover battery.

The power set for your caravan mover to put together yourself:

  • Battery 10Ah - 80Ah - AGM or lithium batteries are preferred here because of the weight and long service life.
  • Charger 12 V / 10 A.
  • Terminal clamps for connection to Mover battery
  • Connection terminals for clean connection
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