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Camping Kitchens

True campers love the freedom and flexibility of a mobile home holiday - and without giving up the comforts of home. With a practical camping kitchen, cooking on the campsite is really fun. The outdoor kitchens are compact, stable and

True campers love the freedom and flexibility of a mobile home holiday - and without giving up the comforts of home. With a practical camping kitchen, cooking on the campsite is really fun. The outdoor kitchens are compact, stable and quickly assembled. In addition, there is plenty of equipment such as camping stoves, storage boxes and camping utensils with which you can equip the kitchen individually. 

At Berger Camping you will find a large selection of outdoor kitchens in simple and deluxe equipment. You can also benefit from the following advantages:
  • Well-known brands like Berger and EA
  • Compact and foldable camping kitchens
  • Height adjustable and rollable models
  • Sturdy worktops
  • Quick assembly and disassembly
  • plenty of storage space
  • Low dead weight (less than 10 kg depending on model)
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Outdoor Kitchens: What makes a good camping kitchen?

When travelling with a caravan, the weight of the camping equipment plays an important role. Camping kitchens are therefore particularly compact and can be folded to a convenient pack size. This means you can store the outdoor kitchen in a space-saving way in your camper van or car after a quick assembly and disassembly. With a low dead weight, you can also transport the mobile kitchens easily.
The Berger camping kitchens have a sturdy worktop that is also particularly easy to wipe clean. Furthermore, many models are height-adjustable and rollable, so that the highest level of comfort is provided during cooking. An attached and practical windbreak enables outdoor cooking even in bad weather. Equipped with storage compartments, the lightweight outdoor kitchens offer plenty of space for your camping household appliances.
Tip: With a camping cabinet you can expand the outdoor kitchen individually.

Camping Kitchens: What models are there?

At Berger Camping you will find camping kitchens in various sizes from brands such as EA or Berger. The equipment ranges from simple kitchens for short trips on the campsite to deluxe models for a longer stay on the campsite. Which outdoor kitchen suits you best depends on your own requirements and preferences:
The simple camping kitchens are quick to assemble and dismantle and can be stored in a practical carry bag. A frame made of aluminium ensures maximum stability. In addition, the outdoor kitchens can be adjusted in height so that you can easily compensate for uneven floors. Additional storage compartments for camping accessories make cooking while camping fun. The low dead weight of less than 10 kg is ideal for transport.
The deluxe outdoor kitchens are equipped with a high quality worktop made of materials such as bamboo . This gives you even more comfort when cooking. With a special folding technique, the camping kitchens can be assembled and disassembled in a few easy steps and then stored in the caravan or car to save space. The storage compartments with shelves offer enough space for the camping cookware.
Tip: In clever kitchen boxes you can store your camping accessories safely.

Extend camping kitchens individually

You can expand the outdoor kitchens from Berger Camping with various elements to suit your individual needs. A practical camping kitchen with sink is perfect for quickly cleaning dishes and pots after cooking. With a camping fridge food and drinks stay fresh and chilled, and a camping barbecue belongs in every outdoor kitchen so you can prepare delicious dishes from meat, fish and vegetables.
Equip your camping kitchen with practical hanging bags and suitcase boxes to store your camping equipment safely and space-savingly. The practical cupboards are available both for standing and as clever hanging devices for small awnings.
By the way: Our comfortable camping tables are the ideal place for sociable meals.
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