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Camping Lamps

Camping lamps, camping lanterns or camping lights have been around for many years. From the good old gas lamp, the LED camping lamp to the torch and the awning lamp with motion detector, here in the Berger Camping Shop you are sure to find

Camping lamps, camping lanterns or camping lights have been around for many years. From the good old gas lamp, the LED camping lamp to the torch and the awning lamp with motion detector, here in the Berger Camping Shop you are sure to find what you are looking for.

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Camping lanterns, lights and lamps

Camping lamps LED, solar or gas - the choice is yours!

The night in the great outdoors on a camping trip can often be pitch black compared to populated cities. That's why camping lighting is essential on a trekking tour, a night in the tent or an evening walk. The right lighting for longer excursions is therefore an important requirement when camping.

Camping lamps from the following manufacturers are available here:

  • Outwell LED Lamps for Tent and Outdoor
  • Campingaz Gas Lanterns
  • FAWO awning lamps and line lights
  • Coleman Headlamps, Torches and USB Camping Lamps
  • Berger camping lamps in good quality at a reasonable price
  • ...and a selection of beautiful and practical camping lamps from other manufacturers.

Camping lamps - the right lighting for every project

No matter what you plan to do when camping, Berger Camping has the right camping lighting for every purpose:

  • Camping lanterns are an all-rounder when camping: With the camping lantern you can spend a cosy evening outside at the table or go for an evening walk. The lanterns are stable on flat surfaces, but you can also carry them in your hand.
  • If the journey has taken longer and you now have to pitch your tent in the dark, a headlamp is perfect as you have your hands free and can see everything in front of you.
  • For cosy evenings in the tent or awning a tent light is suitable. There are models that you can hang from the ceiling and lamps that you can place on the floor or on a table. A foldable camping lantern is also practical, as it weighs little and has a small pack size.
  • Pleasant, warm light with the gas lantern, whether dimmed high for reading, or as a small flickering light for a bit of romance. The gas lamp has not yet lost any of its fascination.
  • If you want to continue reading your exciting book in the dark, we recommend a reading lamp that does not provide too much light but still lets you read your book.
  • Probably the most common camping light is the torch, which can be used for almost any purpose.

Outdoor lamp - The different energy sources

Both the lighting duration and the luminosity of an outdoor lamp depend on the energy source. The electric camping lamps are usually equipped with LEDs, which enable them to achieve a lighting duration of many hours with low power consumption. In addition, electric camping lanterns are very stable and can therefore withstand knocks and shocks without any problems.

The alternative is camping lanterns with gas or lamp oil as fuel. Compared to electric outdoor lamps, the burning time is shorter, but these lamps have an impressive wide beam. This makes them perfect for illuminating larger surfaces, such as a table.

LED camping lights - important additional functions

LED camping lights with dimmer, especially practical are camping lights where you can adjust the brightness. This way, you can set maximum light for cooking and dim the light for a cosy round at the table.

For good illumination at the table in your awning, a hook is recommended with which you can hang the lamp from the ceiling. To ensure that you have light in wind and weather, the lamp should be as waterproof as possible and protected from moisture. Camping lamps that you can attach with a magnet or Velcro strap are also practical. With these camping lamps, you have your hands free and good light in the mobile home garage or under the bonnet.  

Solar Camping Lamp - simply charge with the sun

Just like their garden counterparts, solar camping lamps can simply be placed in the sun. In bright daylight, the solar camping lamp charges its battery. The newer solar camping lamps can provide you with light for a whole night if they are optimally charged.  Please do not place your solar camping lamp in too much heat. Even if you don't want to believe it, the charging power drops the hotter the solar panel gets. So with the solar camping lamp, warm is a yes, hot is a no. By the way, a temperature of around 25 degrees Celsius is optimal for a solar panel.

Awning Lamps and Awning Lighting

Awning lamps and awning lighting from FAWO, FIAMMA & Co. provide bright light at the mobile home or caravan door. Whether you need the awning lamps for a safe path over the step or want to read a book in the awning in the evening, the awning lamps offered here provide you with the best economical LED light.

Party lights and lanterns have also arrived at camping

Party lights and lanterns are what make your holiday a holiday. Due to the low-priced LED lamps, colourful lanterns, light tubes and light chains are becoming more and more popular. Because aesthetics are important. Who doesn't like sitting with a nice drink on a warm summer night, lit only by the moon and a few pretty coloured lanterns or fairy lights?

Luminaire accessories - incandecent mantle, battery and replacement glass

Camping lamps are almost "indestructible", but there are a few items that should be replaced regularly.  It is important to have a few spare batteries in your luggage when using a battery-powered camping lamp. Because batteries have a habit of running out when you need them most. But also incandescent mantles, the fabric on which the gas flame ignites, should be in the luggage. Since glass has a habit of not always surviving being bumped into while travelling, we offer you replacement glasses for the most popular gas lamps.

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