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Family Tents

For unforgettable camping holidays with the family , you need the right tent. Family tents from Berger Camping provide you with multiple benefits for a hassle-free family camping trip. It is the best experience to camp outdoors with
For unforgettable camping holidays with the family, you need the right tent. Family tents from Berger Camping provide you with multiple benefits for a hassle-free family camping trip. It is the best experience to camp outdoors with family: From telling each other exciting stories around the campfire, to waking up to the first rays of sunshine. At Berger Camping you will find family tents for up to six people, cabin tents with their own sleeping compartments as well as house tents with plenty of space and of course lots of tent accessories. Take a look at our assortment and benefit from:
  • A versatile selection of camping tents from brands such as Outwell, Berger Camping or Vango
  • Family tents for up to 6 people available
  • Comfortable height of about 200 cm
  • Mosquito nets available on many tents
  • Small packing dimensions (approx. 80 x 50 x 40) even for large 6-person tents
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What is the best family tent for camping?

At Berger Camping we offer family tents for up to 6 people, they have a large sleeping area and usually have a roofed awning with a shady spot and a protective mosquito net in the entrance area.
  • Tunnel tent: A tunnel tent, also called a cabin tent, is a particularly family-friendly model. It is easy to set up, it stands stably and it offers enough space for large families, as it usually has several sleeping cabins. So adults and children enjoy privacy while camping.
  • Dome tent: A dome tent is also suitable for the family trip to the campsite, because it has enough space and is equipped with practical organizers, in which you can store small items optimally.
  • Inflatable tent: For short family camping trips, an inflatable tent is the best choice. It sleeps up to six people and sets up in a few easy steps, offering a spacious sleeping area that can also be used perfectly as a living space due to its height.
Tip: Buy the appropriate accessories for the cleaning of the camping tent or for tent repair.

Features your family tent should have

If you're going on a camping trip with your family, first and foremost you need room for everyone with a large family tent. A comfortable house tent offers not only several sleeping cabins and clever storage compartments but often also a comfortable height of 180 cm to 210 cm, so that the sleeping area can be converted into a living space.
With the best family tent, you are prepared for any weather when camping. Cabin tents often consist of a double-wall tent with waterproof outer tent and breathable inner tent. Other highlights of a family tent are large viewing windows that allow a nice view and daylight as well as an attractive awning with shade protection.
Camping with children is an experience, so pitching and taking down the tent should be easy and quick. The inflatable tent can be erected and dismantled quickly and stored in a space-saving packing bag. Tunnel tents have flexible and stable poles made of fibreglass and steel, so that you can set it up quickly.
By the way: A secure hold in stormy weather is guaranteed Tent frames and accessories.

Advantages of our family tents

With a family tent from Berger Camping you are ready for your next camping vacation: The high-quality house tents offer sufficient space. In addition, thecabin tents have several sleeping areas.
Enjoy protection in all weather conditions with a double-wall tent. A practical awning with a canopy offers you a shady spot in the summer.
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