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Bicycle Carriers

If you want to take your beloved bicycle with you on a camping holiday, you need a suitable bicycle carrier for the caravan, car or motor home. A good bicycle carrier is stable and can be securely attached to the vehicle. At Berger Camping
If you want to take your beloved bicycle with you on a camping holiday, you need a suitable bicycle carrier for the caravan, car or motor home. A good bicycle carrier is stable and can be securely attached to the vehicle.
At Berger Camping you will find a large selection of caravan bicycle carriers, car bicycle carriers and mobile home bicycle carriers in the vehicle category:
  • well-known brands such as Thule, Fiamma and Berger
  • different models like drawbar bicycle carriers or rear bicycle carriers
  • high load capacity between approx. 30 to 60 kg depending on model
  • Carriers for two to four wheels
  • Bicycle carrier accessories such as tension belts, bicycle rails and protective covers

Some models from brands such as Berger, Fiamma or Thule offer extra rails or extension sets that can be used to transport one to three bicycles. However, the maximum load of the bicycle carrier (usually between 30 and 60 kg) must not be exceeded.
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Caravan bicycle carrier: What distinguishes a good model?

Real campers take their bike or e-bike with them on their holiday trip with the caravan. With a lockable bicycle carrier, you can transport your two-wheeler safely and easily. A draw bar or rear bicycle carrier demonstrates stability and provides space for one or more bikes or e-bikes.
Very popular among campers are draw bar bicycle carriers, which can be quickly and easily mounted on the draw bar of the caravan. With a suitable extension attachment, you can create space for several bikes in a few easy steps.

Tip: With the right trailer accessories it is easy to mount bicycle carriers.

Bicycle carriers for the car: Bicycle transport on the roof and at the rear

The installation of car bicycle carriers - whether on the roof or as a bike rack for the trailer coupling is simple and quick. With tension belts and safety fasteners, the wheels are stable and securely fastened for transport by car.

Tip: With the right accessories for bicycle carriers safe transport is guaranteed.

At Berger Camping you will find various bicycle carriers for cars. These include car bicycle carriers for roof mounting that allow you to transport up to four bikes. The advantages of a roof-mounted bicycle carrier are the clear view to the rear, easy access to the boot and the unchanged length/width of the vehicle.

An alternative for bike transport are rear bike racks, which are usually attached to the upper edge of the boot lid. Additional straps can be used to securely tighten bicycle carriers for the tailgate. Especially for vehicles without a trailer coupling or minibuses, you should use this option to transport bicycles.
The bicycle carrier for the trailer coupling is widely used and is easy to mount on the trailer hitch. However, if you also want to tow a caravan with the car, you cannot use the trailer coupling for bicycle transport.

Bicycle carrier for mobile homes: What types of bicycle carriers are there?

Inexpensive bicycle carriers for the mobile home are mounted on the rear wall of the mobile home. There are rigid bicycle carriers and also height-adjustable bicycle carriers. These can be lowered either by cranking or an electric drive for loading and unloading.

For camping buses and panel vans, there are special bicycle carriers for the gullwing doors. These bicycle carriers are either attached to the hinges of the wing doors or mounted on the vehicle frame of the mobile home. The latter are also called platform carriers. In mobile homes with rear garage, bicycle carriers can also be transported inside. Special rail systems are available for this purpose, with which the bicycle stands securely in the rear garage.

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