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Solar Charge Controller

Berger solar charge controllers: your key component for efficient mobile energy management . Our high-quality charge controllers have been specially developed for motorhomes, caravans and campers. Discover the optimum battery charge
Berger solar charge controllers: your key component for efficient mobile energy management. Our high-quality charge controllers have been specially developed for motorhomes, caravans and campers. Discover the optimum battery charge for different battery types and voltages. From PWM to MPPT charge controllers, we offer versatile solutions to optimise your energy generation. Maximise the life of your batteries and use sustainable energy management technology. Experience the future of power generation with Berger solar charge controllers.
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Efficient mobile energy management with high-quality solar charge controllers

At Berger, we present a comprehensive selection of solar charge controllers that have been specially developed for mobile applications. Our product range covers the needs of motorhome owners, caravan enthusiasts and campers. Whether you are looking for a PWM or MPPT charge controller, our charge controllers will help optimise your energy production and extend the life of your batteries.

Optimum battery charging for every need:

Solar charge controllers are designed to charge and manage batteries using solar panels. Note, however, that not every solar charge controller is suitable for every type of battery. Solar charge controllers are usually specifically designed for certain battery types and voltages. Therefore, it is crucial to choose the right charge controller for the battery you want to charge.

  • Battery type compatibility:

    Our high-quality solar charge controllers are versatile and compatible with different battery types, including lead-acid batteries (such as AGM, gel or wet cell) and advanced lithium-ion batteries. Make sure the solar charge controller is compatible with the type of battery you are using.

  • Nominal voltage match:

    Most solar charge controllers are designed for 12-volt or 24-volt systems. Make sure that the nominal voltage of the charge controller matches your battery system perfectly.

  • Maximum charging current:

    check that the solar charge controller is capable of providing the charging current your battery needs to be charged safely and efficiently. The maximum charging current of the controller should not exceed the requirements of your battery.

  • Settings and configuration:

    Some solar charge controllers allow you to customise parameters such as charge and discharge voltages, charging algorithms and temperature compensation. Make sure to configure the charge controller correctly according to the battery manufacturer's recommendations.
    It is very important to follow the specifications and recommendations of both the solar charge controller manufacturer and the battery manufacturer. This will ensure proper battery charging and maximise the life of your battery. Incorrect use of a solar charge controller can damage the battery or impair its performance.

PWM and MPPT charge controllers for optimum energy generation

Our selection includes both PWM and MPPT charge controllers, which contribute to optimising energy generation in different ways. PWM charge controllers offer a cost-effective way of directing the energy from your solar modules to your batteries. MPPT charge controllers, on the other hand, maximise the energy yield and are particularly efficient, especially in fluctuating light conditions. We can help you find the right charge controller for your individual requirements.

Solar panel charge controllers for effective battery maintenance

Our solar panel charge controllers ensure that your batteries are always optimally charged and maintained. This not only extends the service life of your batteries, but also ensures that you always have enough power to enjoy your journeys without any worries.

Innovative technology for sustainable mobile energy management

The future of power generation is sustainable, and our solar charge controllers help you get there. With our innovative technology, you can optimise the use of solar energy while protecting the environment. Discover the benefits of reliable and sustainable energy management with solar charge controllers from Berger.

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