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Camping Tables

For you to enjoy an all-round cosy atmosphere during your camping holiday it's important to have the right equipment for your luggage. At Berger Camping you will find both sturdy and fixed camping tables for your convinience at the

For you to enjoy an all-round cosy atmosphere during your camping holiday it's important to have the right equipment for your luggage. At Berger Camping you will find both sturdy and fixed camping tables for your convinience at the campsite. The camping tables are light and foldable models for hassle-free trips with your backpack or motorhome.
Browse through camping tables from well-known brands such as Outwell, Crespo or Berger , and benefit from:

  • A wide range of high quality camping furniture
  • Height adjustable Camping tables
  • Folding camping tables
  • Low own weight (foldable tables already from under 1 kg)
  • Space-efficient storage
Learn more...

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Camping tables for travelling with the mobile home

When travelling by mobile home, the weight is rather secondary, but it should not be more than 15 kg. In particular, height-adjustable camping tables with a stable tabletop, usually made of aluminium or wood, are preferred by campers. A camping table for 4 people offers space for family and friends, so that nothing stands in the way of shared meals or sociable evenings.
Other features for high-quality and stable models are weather resistance and easy and space-saving transport. For more comfort and a feel-good ambience in the awning, sets with matching chairs are suitable.
Tip: In our product range you will find Camping chairs and Camping furniture accessories.

Camping tables for backpackers

For backpacking trips, features such as light weight and easy transport of a camping table are highly important. Folding or Folding camping tables are available from a weight of less than 1 kg. Practical Camping rollable tables can be folded from sturdy aluminium to a practical pack size in a few easy steps.
An aluminium roll table has a rollable top made of aluminium panels and has an average weight of about 5 kg. The tabletop can be rolled up extremely quickly and the base frame made of sturdy aluminium is easily folded so that they are portable and can be transported space-saving in the car.
Tip: Browse our category Camping Furniture for more "Must-haves" for holidays in nature.

Stability and resilience of camping furniture

The camping tables from Berger Camping have a comfortable height between 60 -75 cm, are extremely stable, made of high-quality wood or aluminium and offer a high load capacity for absolute camping fun. The lightweight folding tables with an own weight of less than 1 kg to 3 kg are loadable up to 30 kg, so you can easily enjoy meals together under the stars at the campsite or in nature. With a proper camping set the meals taste almost like at home.
The height-adjustable camping tables for travelling with the camper van carry a load between 30 to 50 kg, which can vary depending on the model and material. tabletops made of aluminium, wood or bamboo are hard-wearing and weather-resistant and therefore particularly durable. Combine it with matching camping chairs to create a homely ambience.
By the way: You will find the matching Camping chairs in the category Camping Furniture.

Advantages of our camping tables

With the camping tables from Berger Camping a stay at the campsite or in the great outdoors becomes an all-round cosy outing. For backpackers, practical camping folding tables are ideal, which impress with a low weight and a pleasant pack size and can be folded quickly to a portable size .
The camping tables for the mobile home or awning are usually height-adjustable and have a sturdy, hard-wearing and weather-resistant tabletop. For camping holidays with family or friends, sets of camping table and camping chairs, so-called picnic tables, are the best choice - so everyone can find a suitable seat!
Just like in a normal household, there are also side tables for campers. The selection ranges from very low and small models, to larger ones that are equipped with height-adjustable legs and have enough space for a small buffet. Particularly space-saving are camping side tables, which can be fixed directly into the ground with a ground spike.
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