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Camping Tableware

An unforgettable camping holiday requires the right camping equipment: With the  Camping tableware  from Berger Camping, cooking on the campsite is a pleasure and meals taste just like at home. Serve hearty meals on sturdy plastic
An unforgettable camping holiday requires the right camping equipment: With the Camping tableware from Berger Camping, cooking on the campsite is a pleasure and meals taste just like at home. Serve hearty meals on sturdy plastic tableware or treat yourself to a sweet dessert from high-quality melamine tableware. Whether individual camping plates and cups or as a set, the outdoor cookware is durable and shatter-proof. Benefit from the following advantages with us: 
  • Tableware made of robust and unbreakable materials (plastic, stainless steel, melamine)
  • Long shelf life of the products
  • lightweight
  • dishwasher-safe
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What material is the camping tableware made of?

To prevent cups, plates and pots from being damaged on the move, the outdoor cookware from Berger Camping is light in weight, extremely robust, unbreakable and durable. You have the choice between the following materials:
  • Plastic: inexpensive, easy to clean, very light, not always dishwasher-safe
  • Stainless steel: higher quality appearance, sharper (knives & forks), dishwasher-safe, very temperature resistant
  • Melamine: stable, dishwasher-safe, good price-performance ratio, high-quality look
You can also find combinations of materials. For example, there are knives that have a plastic handle and a sharp stainless steel blade. 
Tip: In our products you will also find multi-piece melamine tableware sets.

How to find the right camping gear for your next outdoor holiday

You need the right cookware for a holiday at the campsite, for travelling with a camper van or for trips to the park. In order for you to enjoy cooking and eating while travelling a camping set should meet certain criteria:  
If you want to carry pans and pots in your backpack, it should be as light as possible, weighing between 1 and 2 kilograms.
If you eat very hot food (e.g. soup), it must have a temperature resistance of 100 degrees Celsius.
Camping cookware should be made of robust and durable materials such as plastic, stainless steel or melamine to withstand the rigours of everyday camping. 
With a small diameter of plates and pots as well as detachable handles the camping tableware can be stored space-savingly in every mobile home kitchen. It is best to measure the width of your backpack beforehand and compare the value with the product information.
Tip: With the right camping cutlery and camping stove you can serve meals on the road like a pro.

Camping tableware sets for pure cooking pleasure when camping

At Berger Camping you will find individual camping plates and cups as well as entire sets. If you travel a lot by mobile home, a melamine set consisting of dinner plates, dessert plates, cereal bowls and mugs for several people is just the thing to enjoy breakfast, lunch or dinner all round. This is available in timeless design, with appealing details or in strikingly bright colours
For the outdoor cookware, there is of course a matching camping cutlery: The right kitchen knife makes it easier to prepare food on the go, and the multi-piece camping cutlery set is great for a cosy camping evening with friends.  
By the way: You can also use the camping tableware for the next garden party or barbecue party. 

Our advantages at a glance

The high-quality Berger Camping Tableware makes meals on the campsite taste much better: Cook with heat-resistant camping pots and enjoy your favourite foods from robust plastic tableware. Melamine with various modern designs is also an eye-catcher at the next barbecue party. 
Other convincing features: The light weight of the camping cookware is ideal for stowing cups and plates in the backpack and taking it to the park. With the removable handles and a space-saving diameter, the tableware is easy to fit into any camper van kitchen, no matter how small it is.
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