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TV mounts

TV mounts for mobile homes, caravans or panel vans. Robust TV mounts, swivelling, tilting, extendable, height-adjustable and stably locked for safe camping TV enjoyment.

TV mounts for mobile homes, caravans or panel vans. Robust TV mounts, swivelling, tilting, extendable, height-adjustable and stably locked for safe camping TV enjoyment.

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TV mount for mobile home and caravan

Mount your camping TV with a sturdy TV bracket

TV brackets for caravans, mobile homes or panel vans are easy to fit and offer your 12 volt TV a secure hold on long journeys. TV mounts for caravans and mobile homes must have a stable transport lock in contrast to the conventional TV mount. Because when driving your camper, the TV bracket must not come loose and expose a wildly swivelling 12 V TV. Order the right TV mount for your vehicle here.

Brand overview Camping TV mounts

Here in the Berger Shop we offer mobile home and caravan TV mounts from various manufacturers.
Here is a brief overview:

  • Vogels TV mount - rotatable and foldable for clear view from many directions
  • Schwaiger TV mount - foldable and tiltable and can also be mounted on sloping surfaces
  • SystafeX - swivel and tilt ceiling brackets and wall brackets made of cast steel
  • FAWO Quick Release - flexible wall brackets, the TV can be easily removed at the touch of a button
  • Project 2000 - Ceiling brackets and stable TV pull-outs
  • Caratec - folding side wall brackets and TFT console drawer

How do I attach my TV mount for mobile home or caravan?

The TV brackets are often mounted in cabinets or on sideboards. Here there is often a sturdy plywood surface outside or inside the cabinets to mount your camping TV stably . Just take a look, because many newer mobile homes already have pre-installed mounting points for the TV mount, where the connections such as antenna cables or electricity may even be pre-routed.  The monitor holder can also be attached to the wall or ceiling of a van, for example. However, this should only be used if the vehicle manufacturer already installs reinforcements or retaining plates at the factory. When driving, very high forces and vibrations occur, which is why a stable and secure TV mount in the vehicle is crucial.

Where do I mount my wall bracket TV?

Where you mount your wall bracket TV depends very much on the viewing angle you want. If your mobile home has swivelling front seats, it is a good idea to mount the TV bracket behind the mobile home dinette. Because this way you can sit relaxed on the driver's and passenger's seat and, in the best case, comfortably put your feet up on the cushion of the dinette. But of course, above the bed is also a good option. Are you spoilt for choice? Then the FAWO Quick Release offers a remedy. Here, the TFT television gets a stop plate on the back that opens at the touch of a button. This way, you can simply take your camping TV with you (of course, only if you have several connection options) if you are no longer comfortable with the TV position.

What is the Vesa standard for TV mounts?

When buying a TV mount mobile home, it is important that the threaded holes on the TV match those on the mount. If the threaded holes are not exposed, it is possible that the TV's support foot is screwed into them. The Vesa standard is usually stated in the data sheet of your television. Without a data sheet, however, you can still find the right wall bracket. With Vesa standard, the hole spacing is always measured first horizontally and then vertically. Lightweight TVs up to 14 kg are mostly VESA-MIS-D, they have a square hole pattern with 75 x 75 or 100 x 100 mm.

You can find the right TV mount with a combination of

  1. the inch specification (screen diagonal)
  2. the approved television weight
  3. the matching hole pattern.

We wish you a lot of fun, with a perfect angle. If you have any questions or are not quite sure where to mount your TV mount in your mobile home or caravan, you are also welcome to ask at one of our Berger branches.

Your session will run in
10 : 00
Min. Sec.