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Folding Tables

On a camping holiday or at a barbecue in the garden, you will most likely spend most of your time at the table. Therefore, when choosing an outdoor table you should pay attention to various criteria such as stability, weather resistance

On a camping holiday or at a barbecue in the garden, you will most likely spend most of your time at the table. Therefore, when choosing an outdoor table you should pay attention to various criteria such as stability, weather resistance and lightness. 

At Berger Camping you'll find folding camping tables for every occasion - for travelling with the camper van, for the next garden party or folding tables for the next picnic. Profit from:
  • well-known manufacturers such as Westfield, Dukdalf, Berger and Outwell
  • different sizes from 80 x 60 cm / 120 x 80 cm / 130 x 91 cm
  • Different materials such as wood or aluminium
  • Water and weather resistant face materials
  • light own weight approx. 5 to 10 kg
  • Small pack size for space-saving storage
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What distinguishes a high-quality folding camping table?

A folding table for the caravan or for camping should have various characteristics so that you can enjoy the piece of leisure furniture for a long time. To ensure maximum stability and a firm stand on almost any surface, outdoor tables usually have an aluminium frame and a tabletop made of wood or aluminium. A hard-wearing and water-repellent coating also protects the furniture from wind and moisture
A high-quality camping table also has a low own weight, usually up to 10 kg, and a small pack size. A folding table is height-adjustable and can be folded up in a few easy steps for space-saving storage and transport. The Berger Picnic Table Solo is particularly ingenious, as its tabletop can be used as a practical carrier bag after folding and also includes four free-standing stools
Tip: With the right camping furniture accessories you will want for nothing on your outdoor excursion.

Stability and load capacity of caravan folding tables

Life on the campsite largely takes place in one place: at the camping folding table. A high-quality outdoor table with sufficient space and maximum stability is therefore a must for every camper for communal meals, for sociable game evenings or for a cosy drink in the evening.
The folding camping tables in the Berger Camping online shop offer a load capacity of around 30 to 50 kg depending on the model. The sizes range from small folding tables measuring 80 x 60 cm to large and extendable models measuring 130 x 91 cm. Thus, there are practical tables for a maximum of two people and generous models with space for up to four people or more.
While the robust tops of folding camping tables are usually made of high-quality wood or aluminium and are particularly easy to maintain, the frame is usually made of aluminium or iron. In this way, you can enjoy a firm footing even on uneven ground and nothing stands in the way of a merry round at the camping table.
Tip: With the right camping tableware time at the folding table becomes even more comfortable.

The advantages of our folding tables for camping and caravans

At Berger Camping you can buy folding tables from well-known brands such as Westfield, Berger or Outwell. The high-quality outdoor tables are stable, robust and hard-wearing and therefore durable and also meet the high demands of leisure furniture for the garden or camping.
Due to their light weight and small pack size, the folding tables can be folded up in a few easy steps and stored and transported in a space-saving way. The sophisticated models, such as the picnic table with carrier bag, are particularly suitable for day trips into nature. With high load-bearing capacity and sufficient space, you can spend pleasant hours with family or friends at the folding camping tables - on a camping holiday or in the garden at the next barbecue party.

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