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Outdoor Equipment

Sleeping in a tent, preparing simple meals with a gas stove or gas barbecue and spending lots of time in the great outdoors - for real campers, the holiday season is probably the best time of the year. To be flexible when out and about in
Sleeping in a tent, preparing simple meals with a gas stove or gas barbecue and spending lots of time in the great outdoors - for real campers, the holiday season is probably the best time of the year. To be flexible when out and about in the great outdoors and not have to do without the familiar comforts of home, you should get yourself some complete outdoor equipment.
At Berger Camping you will find Camping accessories for sleeping, washing, cooking and eating as well as practical functional clothing for excursions in wind and weather. Profit from:
  • well-known brands such as Berger, Fiamma, Jack Wolfskin and Outwell
  • comfortable camping tents such as 2-person tents, family tents, tunnel tents or awnings
  • Important camping cooking utensils such as camping utensils and camping stoves or gas barbecues
  • Useful camping accessories such as rucksack, compass and pocket knife
  • Practical functional clothing such as softshell jackets, hiking boots and outdoor trousers
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Outdoor Equipment: What should not be missing in any trekking equipment?

Spending time outdoors is a highlight for campers and nature lovers. To make the nights as comfortable as possible, you need a lightweight trekking tent as well as a warming sleeping bag and a comfortable and self-inflating thermal mat. This means you can set up and take down your night camp quickly and easily and also transport it easily in a backpack or bag due to its light weight.
The right footwear and outdoor clothing are a must for hiking tours. With trekking shoes with a hard-wearing sole, you will always enjoy a firm grip - even on stony and slippery paths. A breathable and water-repellent functional jacket protects you in all weather conditions. And the practical hiking sticks are also a helpful companion for particularly strenuous hiking tours.
So that you always know how to help yourself on the road, there is a wide range of practical everyday helpers that should not be missing from any camping equipment. Furthermore, camping cooking utensils are essential for survival, especially if you are away from a campsite or supermarket for a few days.
Tip: With a camping guide you will always find the right way.

Backpacking Equipment: Useful helpers for on the road

For backpackers, days in the great outdoors, often far away from civilisation, are an adventurous experience. To make sure you feel safe and comfortable when you're out and about, Berger Camping has a large selection of small and useful helpers that can be stowed in your backpack or bag to save space:
  • A compass always shows you the right way.
  • And if you do need help, use your smartphone - with a powerbank your mobile phone is always charged, even when you're on the move.
  • Must-haves in any outdoor equipment include pocket knife and torch.
When you set up camp in the great outdoors, visitors like mosquitoes, flies or wasps are not long in coming. With an insect protection on the tent and on your skin, you are optimally protected from the pesky insects. In addition, you should always carry tick tongs with you, especially when walking through forests and meadows. The outdoor clothing usually has UV protection, but you should still think about adequate sun protection.
Tip: With the right shoes and socks your feet won't smell even after strenuous trekking tours.

Gas Stoves and Camping Tableware: Cooking and living out in the open

After an adventurous hiking tour, you want to sit comfortably in your tent camp and enjoy a warm meal. No problem - with the stoves and camping barbecues from Berger Camping. A practical gas cooker or portable barbecue is the perfect companion for on the go. The compact units are ultra-light and have a friendly pack size. In addition, you can operate the units with gas cartridges, so you don't need a power supply.
To be able to enjoy the food you have prepared, you need suitable camping tableware. Cups and plates made of high-quality melamine are particularly popular with outdoor enthusiasts. The durable plastic tableware has a low dead weight and is also easy to clean. Alternatively, practical thermal mugs that keep your drinks at the right temperature are also suitable for trips into nature.
By the way: With the right camping cutlery food tastes much better on the road.
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