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Caravan Awnings

Choose from our wide range one of the many caravan awnings. With a caravan awning from the top brands dwt and Brand, you acquire a product with decades of experience. Or you can choose a caravan awning from Berger Camping, the perfect
Choose from our wide range one of the many caravan awnings. With a caravan awning from the top brands dwt and Brand, you acquire a product with decades of experience. Or you can choose a caravan awning from Berger Camping, the perfect combination of price and performance. Did you know that Berger awnings are among the top 3 "Best Brands" (CARAVANING award)? Here the quality and price is right, Berger awnings include features that campers want.
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More space and privacy with your own caravan awning!

The caravan awning brings comfort

A caravan awning is a must for most caravan campers on vacation. The otherwise sometimes scarce living space, can be easily expanded and the space gained can be used as desired. Thus, many campers use their caravan awnings for cooking, eating and as a vestibule for camping furniture, for parking the bikes or as a protected spot to eat with the family outside regardless of the weather. Also as a retreat from the hustle and bustle of the campsite, caravan awnings are a popular spot: close the curtains and door and relax.

Awnings and their special advantages:

  • Inflatable awnings
  • Awnings with removable front panels
  • Awnings with veranda effect
  • Awnings with permanent and gable upper ventilation
  • Free standing permanent awnings
  • and much more

Awnings to fit your caravan

Awnings are available for every caravan, regardless of age and model. The decisive size here is the so-called perimeter. This value describes the lateral circumference of the caravan; that is, the length measured from the ground over the side and roof edge, to the other side of the ground. The caravan awning is attached to the so-called keder rail, a groove that serves to accommodate the awning attachment (keder on the awning). If the caravan is a newer model, the perimeter for the appropriate caravan awning can be taken from the enclosed documents, but the most reliable is always the measurement by hand.

If these are not available, you can try to determine the circumferential dimension on the website of the caravan manufacturer. Otherwise you have to measure it yourself. Often awning sizes are also specified in tent manufacturer catalogues, again and again our customers experience nasty surprises with it, because these are often not accurate enough. Therefore, once again: Please measure your perimeter yourself!

Caravan awnings for every application

Depending on the type of camping, different caravan awnings are used. A distinction is made between:

  • Travel awning
  • Season awning
  • All-season awning
  • Winter awning

These awnings can be divided into full awnings and partial awnings. A full awning encloses the entire length and height of the caravan, down to the ground. A partial awning, on the other hand, is only attached to part of the roof edge. For fastening, the keder of the caravan awning is pushed into the provided rail.

Travel awnings- small pack size, lots of travel freedom

The travel awning, also called a summer awning, is the perfect companion for many campers. For those who like to go on vacation several times a year, for shorter periods, often need a lightweight awning with a small pack size that can be quickly assembled and disassembled. The lightweight fabric of travel awnings is typically coated on one side with water-repellent materials such as PVC, acrylic, or PU. This common combination in caravan awnings protects against rain, but at the same time allows good permeability of condensation. To save weight and space, the tent is supported by a lightweight and purpose-built construction of aluminium tubes.

Ultimately, even with a travel awning, it is the camper's personal requirements that determine which model to choose. For example, a couple with a large caravan will tend to prefer a smaller partial tent. Alone the structure of this caravan awning is more handy and the space should be sufficient for 2 people even with camping furniture. The Berger awning Garda L Deluxe would be a suitable caravan awning for the two of them. The partial tent is inflatable and therefore easy and quick to set up, without any frame.

If a family with 3 children has to decide between several caravan awnings, the choice will probably fall on a spacious full tent with a high tent depth, despite the higher weight and more complex set-up. Here, the Sirmione III travel awning from Berger's own brand would be a suitable purchase candidate, as this caravan awning combines the desire for space with a small pack size.

Awnings for seasonal or year-round camping

Completely different requirements are placed on material and stability if the caravan awning is to stand outdoors for the camping season or the entire year. Here, the weight and pack size are less crucial , because priority is on other factors, especially since the assembly and disassembly takes place only once a year. As a rule, fixed awnings are caravan awnings that are attached to a caravan over a longer period of time. These include winter awnings and all-season awnings. The hallmark is the solid workmanship of the awnings, because it must withstand quite a bit of wind and rain when standing for a long time. Compared to permanent awnings made of aluminium, a fixed awning made of polyester and PVC is relatively cheap.

A high tightness of the outer skin is elementary for a seasonal or all-season awning. Therefore, fixed awnings for the caravan are almost without exception double-sided PVC coating. This is absolutely tight and rot-proof, but therefore also less permeable to air. Here it is essential to ensure good ventilation of the tent to avoid condensation and thus moisture damage to the fabric. Dirt or stains can also be easily wiped off the tent skin. In addition, the PVC coating on the caravan awning is very resistant to cold and weather changes.

High-quality All-season awnings also have window flaps, a completely closable high-level vent and a circumferential canopy.

Steel is usually used for the poles of the all-season awning, because the metal is stronger and heavier than aluminium. The diameter of the tubes is usually larger and the thickness of the steel tube, was designed for the higher weight awning. In addition, the attachment of hurricane and ridge poles is recommended for longer stays to ensure maximum stability. DWT offers for this area with the All-season awning Carat a model of the extra class.

With a winter awning through the camper year

For the cold season Berger Camping has winter awnings for your caravan to offer. Especially this part of the year poses special challenges for caravan awnings. Freezing cold and snow put a lot of strain on the tent material and poles. Winter awnings are designed precisely for these loads and are usually used with reinforcing additional poles. As a partial awning, caravan awnings of this type have a smaller, sloping pent roof so that snow can slide off. Primarily, campers used the winter awning as a heat and dirt lock to the caravan. However, it is also suitable for storing utensils such as ski boots or for cooking.

Here you can find the suitable caravan awning for camping!

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