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Gas Supply

Do you want to really step on the gas when camping and cook to your heart's content in the outdoor kitchen your favourite dishes, set the caravan heater to a pleasant temperature in winter and cool drinks and food in the
Do you want to really step on the gas when camping and cook to your heart's content in the outdoor kitchen your favourite dishes, set the caravan heater to a pleasant temperature in winter and cool drinks and food in the camping fridge at any time? With the right gas supply for camping you don't have to do without the comfort you're used to at home when travelling with your mobile home.
At Berger Camping you will find everything about gas for camping. These include, for example, gas cylinders, gas cookers, gas hoses and gas controls. You also benefit from:
  • Well-known manufacturers such as GOK, Truma, Thitronik and Linnepe
  • Safe gas solutions for mobile homes and caravans
  • easy installation and operation
  • Extensive accessories such as gas sockets and gas detectors
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Camping Gas Supply: Why is gas so important for camping?

In a camping holiday without gas supply almost nothing works. Especially if you are in the great outdoors with your mobile home and away from electricity connections you need gas for many everyday things:
Gas bottles and gas hoses are needed for cooking in the mobile home. For short camping trips, gas stoves with practical gas cartridges are a good alternative for preparing hot meals or coffee in the morning.
During your camping holiday it can get a bit chilly, especially at night. With a camping heater you can ensure pleasant temperatures in your caravan. Many heaters are powered by gas, so you need a suitable gas supply in the camper.
However, gas also plays an important role in cooling as well. The absorption fridges popular with campers are also operated with gas and can be used to store food. Without a fridge, your food will go bad and your drinks will get warm.
Tip: Gas lights bring light into the darkness and create a romantic campfire atmosphere.

Gas when camping: How does a secure gas supply work?

Safety should always be a top priority when using gas and gas cylinders for camping. At Berger Camping you will find an extensive range of accessories for a safe gas supply in your mobile home or caravan from well-known manufacturers such as Truma, GOK or Thitronik.
Gas cylinders must be secured with an appropriate belt or attached to a gas cylinder holder and be stored in a closed gas locker . This must, however, have a small opening for ventilation .
With a gas alarm and a gas control with integrated crash sensor, you notice immediately if the gas bottle is leaking and can act in time. Only use a suitable special hose for gas cylinders and connect the appliances to suitable gas sockets .
For camping gas heaters in the caravan, a professional connection is recommended. The screw connection of the unit must be tight. In addition, safety measures such as pressure regulators or low-pressure regulators should be installed.
Tip: You can often attach several gas hoses to one gas hose coupling .

Gas cylinders on holiday: Is a gas supply guaranteed everywhere?

If you are travelling by camper through Germany, the gas supply with gas bottles is usually no problem. At many campsites, at some petrol stations and in some DIY stores you can exchange empty gas cylinders. However, for mobile home travel within Europe you should always have an appropriate adapter on board. Before buying gas cylinders abroad, be sure to check the size, because gas cylinders are not always the same size. In the worst case, these will not fit into the gas locker of your mobile home.
Compact gas stoves are an alternative to gas cylinders for preparing hot food and drinks. Many of these camping stoves can be operated with handy gas cartridges which you can stock up on in advance. Another gas solution for caravans are gas lamps, which are also operated with gas cartridges .
By the way: With the right equipment for heating and cooling there is always a pleasant temperature in the mobile home.
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