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Seats & Swivelling Brackets

Space is usually very limited in a mobile home or van, so campers pay attention to every millimetre of the vehicle and make the best use of it. With the right seat and swivelling brackets, the space in the caravan can be optimally

Space is usually very limited in a mobile home or van, so campers pay attention to every millimetre of the vehicle and make the best use of it. With the right seat and swivelling brackets, the space in the caravan can be optimally utilised. A swivel seat allows both driver and passenger seats to rotate up to 360 degrees. This quickly creates a comfortable seating group for several people. 

In the category Vehicle Interior and Cab at Berger Camping there is a wide range of seat and swivelling brackets where you can benefit from the following advantages, among others:
  • Well-known manufacturers such as Sportscraft or Perex
  • Robust and extremely durable material
  • high seating comfort
Learn more...

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Swivel seats for mobile homes: What distinguishes a good swivel console?

A swivelling driver's seat in a camper or van offers more space and high seating comfort at the same time. For this reason, swivelling brackets are increasingly being installed by the manufacturer in the T4 or T5 so that the vehicle occupants can make the best possible use of the available space. Rotating consoles in the Ducato or in other vehicle models are also convincing thanks to their flexible use according to individual needs.
Most seat and swivelling brackets can be rotated up to 360 degrees centrally. In this way, the swivelling passenger seat or driver's seat can be practically converted into a seating area. With a matching camping vehicle interior furnishings such as tables or benches, a cosy seating group is created. The height-adjustable swivel seats for the cab provide seating comfort while driving and camping.
Tip: Practical holders and compartments for the cab provide sufficient storage space.

Swivel brackets for vehicles: What seats are available?

The Sportscraft brand is known for high-quality seats and swivel consoles for panel vans, camping buses and mobile homes. Mostly made of steel, the swivel brackets are hard-wearing, can be rotated centrally and therefore have a long service life, even after frequent use. Many models are suitable for the original seats in the vehicle, and there are also practical adapter profiles for the popular Sportscraft seat.
Sportscraft seats are ergonomic and accordingly ensure a healthy posture when sitting. Furthermore, the models usually convince with a foldable backrest that can be adjusted quickly and easily, as well as with a seat tilt adjustment. In this way, the driver and front passenger enjoy the highest level of seating comfort. The elastic Sportscraft seat is also softly padded and easy to clean.
Tip: With the right care and cleaning products not only the seats but also the interior of the caravan stay clean.

Swivel consoles for T4 and T5: How does the assembly work?

Fitting seat and swivel brackets in panel vans or mobile homes is usually easy and is simply described in the manufacturer's instructions. Usually only a few screws on the slide rail need to be loosened for this, then the seat is lifted and the console put on and screwed on accordingly. Of course, swivel seats can also be fitted by a specialist at extra cost by taking the vehicle to the workshop.
When buying seat and swivelling brackets for campers, it is important to check whether the adapter profiles are also suitable for use with the original seats. Furthermore, swivel consoles are not offered for all panel vans and caravans. To avoid an expensive wrong purchase, it is therefore advisable to check in advance whether accessories with seats and swivelling brackets are available for your own vehicle.
Floor mats keep the vehicle interior clean at all times.

Advantages of seat and swivel brackets

The advantages of swivelling driver and passenger seats are obvious. The swivel seats offer vehicle occupants flexible and optimal use of space and can literally be converted into a cosy seating area in no time at all.
Furthermore, both original seats and high-quality sports seats can be used for most swivelling brackets. This allows the driver to decide individually whether the seat should be ergonomic, height-adjustable or equipped with other comfort features.
Rotating brackets and adapter profiles also score points due to their easy installation in various vehicle types such as the T4, T5 or Fiat Ducato and their durability due to the robust material and precise workmanship.
By the way: With heaters and air conditioners for mobile homes, the temperature in the vehicle is always comfortable.
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