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Tent Poles & Accessories

A camping tent must be well secured at all times so that it remains stable even in wind and harsh weather. With additional tent poles and supports, you can attach your camping tent or mobile home awning securely and steadily so that it
A camping tent must be well secured at all times so that it remains stable even in wind and harsh weather. With additional tent poles and supports, you can attach your camping tent or mobile home awning securely and steadily so that it stays in place even in a hurricane with a practical roof pole.

At Berger Camping you will find a large selection of tent poles and accessories for camping tents:
  • Well-known brands such as Berger, DWT and Dometic
  • Various tent poles such as roof support poles, vertical support or telescopic poles
  • Easy to install
  • High stability and strong hold
  • Useful accessories such as rain deflectors, pipe clamps or wall eyelets
Learn more...

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Tent poles for camping tents and motorhome awnings: What materials are available?

There are various materials from which tent poles are made. To ensure that your tent or awning is stable in all weather conditions, the tent poles should be robust and durable.

Classic aluminium tent poles are most commonly used to securely fasten tents. Aluminium is a lightweight, stable and particularly elastic material. The tent poles are therefore less likely to break during frequent assembly and dismantling as well as during transport and storage.

A hurricane pole made of high-quality glass fibre, on the other hand, is cheaper than an aluminium tent pole. Roof poles are mostly used for tents on trekking tours, as camping tents are generally only used for a short time.

Steel tent poles are the best choice for large tents for several people or for family tents. The heavy tents are optimally secured with the robust steel vertical poles and remain stable even in strong winds.

Tip: Secure your camping tent with the right tent pegs and guy ropes.

Buying tent poles: What sizes are available?

Before you buy a new set of tent poles, you should know what length and diameter the poles need to be. If you use tent poles that are too thin, the tent hooks will not hold in the ground and your camping tent will not stand firmly. The same applies to tent poles that are too thick and do not fit into the hooks, meaning that your tent will be unstable.

The sizes of tent poles range from 7 millimetres to 13 millimetres in diameter, with lengths ranging from 80 cm to 8 metres. Telescopic poles are particularly popular, as they can be flexibly extended to lengths of between 95 cm and 230 metres. You can measure how big the tent poles need to be using the existing poles in your tent.

Tip: At Berger Camping you will find the right awning for your camping holiday.

Camping tent poles and accessories: from awning poles to vertical supports

In addition to the classic tent poles, at Berger Camping you will find a large range of additional tent poles such as hurricane or vertical supports. These can be used to securely fasten your camping tent to the ground or motorhome so that it remains stable and secure even in strong winds.

If you have attached an awning to your caravan or awning as weather protection, you can secure it quickly and easily with the help of practical awning poles. If the sunny weather on the campsite suddenly turns into storms and rain, you don't have to worry about your awning getting lost.

With useful accessories such as replacement tent poles, brackets for screwless attachment of the awning poles, tension rods, wall eyelets and tube clamps, you can attach the tent poles in just a few simple steps and enjoy your trip to the campsite in all weathers.

By the way: Awnings and canopies offer you optimum sun protection while camping.
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