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Car Jacks & Supports

Caravan supports and lifting supports for mobile homes stabilise your camper and ensure a level floor in just a few simple steps. Whether with the trestle, the automatic support stand or the crank support stand - here you jack up your

Caravan supports and lifting supports for mobile homes stabilise your camper and ensure a level floor in just a few simple steps. Whether with the trestle, the automatic support stand or the crank support stand - here you jack up your caravan or mobile home to a level!

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Caravan Supports and Lifting Supports Mobile Home

Caravan supports and lifting supports for mobile homes ensure straight surfaces and a safe step. Order the right support now and bring your caravan or mobile home up to par.  Armed with a spirit level, you can straighten your mobile home and caravan even on bumpy pitches and create a straight bed and a kitchenette on which no pot slips off. With the crank or fully automatic you can bring your camper into a stable, horizontal position.

Car Jacks for Mobile Home and Caravan

Car Jacks for mobile homes and caravans are of course needed to change tyres. Here in our online shop you can find hydraulic car jacks for your vehicle. But, in the meantime, another form of car jack has taken hold. The inflatable car jacks are a real relief for uneven camper pitches. You just roll the tyres onto the empty airbags. With a hand/foot pump or a 12 V compressor, you can level your vehicle in the shortest possible time in the tightest of spaces. The positioning of ramps is no longer necessary. From now on, the only rule is: Inflate, make horizontal, support feet out!

What kind of turn-out supports are there?

Looking for the right support for your camper? Here we try to introduce you to the different prop synonyms from the camping sector. This is not so easy, because sometimes the terms are simply used in a spongy way.

  • Turn-out Support or Crank Support
    The turn-out support or crank support basically refers to all camping supports that are operated with a crank and are "turned up" in some way.
  • Lifting supports for mobile home
    Lifting supports are available fully automatic or manual. Lifting supports are permanently mounted on the frame of the mobile home and are moved into position with the crank or, in the case of the hydraulic lifting support, at the touch of a button.
  • Plug-in supports for the caravan
    The plug-in supports are probably the best-known caravan supports. The plug-in supports are mounted stably on all 4 corners of the caravan. The plug-in supports are unscrewed with a spindle nut and unfold in a similar way to a scissor jack.
  • Trestle for all camping vehicles
    The trestle is probably the cheapest way to get your camper on a level. 4 support blocks are simply pushed under the frame of your vehicle. By turning up the individual support blocks, you gradually bring your camper to a level position.

Al-Ko Supports and Lifting Supports

Al-Ko currently produces probably the best-known supports and lifting supports on the camping market. Whether it's hydraulic comfort supports for mobile homes or mechanical plug-in supports for caravans, from Al-Ko you get the perfect accessories for your mobile home or caravan chassis. Park safely with the Bigfoot. The Bigfoot model has an extra large footprint and stands securely even on uneven terrain.

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