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Sleeping Bags

To take all the bedding to every camping trip is complicated and would take up too much space. A sleeping bag is the perfect solution here, because it is compact and space-saving. Another advantage is the optimal adaptation to the

To take all the bedding to every camping trip is complicated and would take up too much space. A sleeping bag is the perfect solution here, because it is compact and space-saving. Another advantage is the optimal adaptation to the circumstances of each weather condition and the season.

No matter whether you want to make a camping trip by bike, are on foot, go to a festival, or travel in a caravan/mobile home, there is the perfectly adapted sleeping bag for every situation. Thus, this becomes a must-have for any camping trip.

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Restful nights in the sleeping bag

The right size of sleeping bags

It is important to have the right size of a sleeping bag, because it achieves the optimal thermal performance only if it fits snugly to the body. If it is too wide, or too long, superfluous air spaces must be heated, which permanently cool you down, for example, by convection (=air exchange: warm air from the sleeping bag mixes with cold ambient air) when you move. That is why a sleeping bag that is too big is often cold.

The disadvantage of a sleeping bag that is too small is that the filling is compressed at the feet, shoulders, knees or buttocks and cold bridges are created. Smaller people should use shorter sleeping bags so that not too much air remains in the foot area. Alternatively, you can tie the foot part behind the feet (e.g. for children) or fill the foot part with a sweater or other clothing.

The most important EU temperature specifications

The European standard E13537 has existed since 2002 for the temperature definition of sleeping bags. It defines the "requirements for sleeping bags" for sports and leisure activities and applies equally to sleeping bags filled with down and synthetic fibers.

A test dummy in underwear and with a cap lies in a climate chamber and has various sensors on its body with which the temperature is measured with pinpoint accuracy. From the measured values, the temperature specifications are determined:
  • Tmax (maximum range): Upper comfort limit without the "average man" starting to sweat.
  • Tcomf (Comfort temperature): This value is calculated for a "standard woman" (25 years, 60 kilograms, 160 cm), which ensures a comfortable sleeping climate.
  • Text (Extreme temperature): This value is calculated for a "standard woman" under severe cold load. Here there is only a protection against freezing for a period of six hours and an increased risk of hypothermia.

Restful sleep even without a bed

To make the night in the sleeping bag more comfortable, you should for example underlay Thermal & Camping mats. Most mats from Berger Camping are self-inflating, which makes for even more comfortable sleeping. The foldable models are very practical, because they can be cleaned up very quickly and take up very little space.

However, you will achieve the highest sleeping comfort with air beds. These are very easily inflated in seconds and some even have an integrated air pump. They are available in a simple version, but there are of course also models that can accommodate two people.

To round off the sleeping comfort perfectly, you should also have  travel pillows & seat pads in your luggage. Very practical is an inflatable pillow, because you can save space and do not have to drag your large pillow from your bedroom. Another advantage is that you can use the pillow for multiple purposes, such as a head pillow, a seat pillow or even a back pillow.

Blanket sleeping bags

Blanket sleeping bags are characterized by a lot of freedom of movement and their rectangular shape. In general, the said sleeping bag consists of two blankets connected by a zip fastener. If you open the zip completely, the sleeping bag becomes a blanket.

Mummy sleeping bags

Mummy sleeping bags insulate especially well, can be packed small, and weigh little. The cut is closely adapted to the shape of the body, so it warms well. If the sleeping bag fits well to the body size, it retains body heat and can be used in colder temperatures without any problems.


Most of the sleeping bags in our range can be washed separately at 30°C if necessary. Use 1/3 of the usual amount of detergent and no fabric softener. It should be spun at least 3 times briefly and treated in the dryer also at 30°C.


After using a sleeping bag, you should air it out well. Always store it in a dry and loose place in the closet and not in the packing bag.

Filling: cotton

A sleeping bag with a cotton lining absorbs the moisture caused by perspiration excellently. The inner skin therefore does not stick to the skin, as is often the case with polyester.

Filling: synthetic fibre

This filling material is very flexible and soft, which means that synthetic fibre sleeping bags can be rolled up very compactly and stored in a space-saving manner. In case of heavy wetness, they retain their insulating effect.
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