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Table Frames

With a camping lift table for caravans, campers and mobile homes, the dining table can be quickly converted into a bed. Buy table glides, table legs, folding table legs and space-saving table frames for the smallest rooms here. Order lift

With a camping lift table for caravans, campers and mobile homes, the dining table can be quickly converted into a bed. Buy table glides, table legs, folding table legs and space-saving table frames for the smallest rooms here. Order lift table frames, single-column lift tables or lift columns such as Primero or Klick-Klack from FAWO and ILSE Technik here! 

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Table feet: Lifting table, table slides and table frames

The single-column lifting table for mobile homes and caravans

Lift tables for mobile homes and caravans have been known in camping for many years. Because a single-column lift table raises and lowers your tabletop from table height to bed height.

The table legs with gas pressure suspension, such as the Primero or the Klickklack, differ mainly in their adjustment heights. You can adjust these positions electrically, by means of an adjustment lever or by engaging. Lifting tables such as the Klicklack from Ilse Technik can be adjusted from table height directly to bed height. The single-column lift table, such as the Primero from Fawo, is infinitely adjustable to the "desired height". With many lift table models you can turn the table and the tabletop and/or move them after installation. This is a fine thing, especially in the cramped space in the camper. This allows you to slide the tabletop centrally between the seats and turn it in the desired direction, for example for an afternoon of games.

Table slide rail for confined spaces

Table slides play a major role in the conversion of camping buses, mini campers and small panel vans. The tabletop is hooked into the table slide rail attached to the cabinet or vehicle wall. The tabletop jams and aligns itself horizontally. By releasing the lock and/or lifting the tabletop slightly, you can slide the tabletop into the desired rail position. When it is not needed, the tabletop in the table slide can be unhooked and stowed away again in a few easy steps.

Table frame for camper and caravan

The table frame for the "old school" caravan. The well-known and stable lift table frame, supports your tabletop at the back as well as at the front. You can adjust the lift table frame via a lever with a practical folding function. This way you can quickly turn your caravan table into a comfortable bed. These table frames, mainly used for caravans, have been on the market for many years, with slight modifications, are stable and almost indestructible.

Table feet, space-saving solutions for camper, minivan and panel van

Table feet are used in various forms in camper van conversions and where space is at a premium. Table feet and support legs are light, practical and do not cost too much.

  • The folding table base has a joint near the tabletop and can be folded in to save space. The tabletop is attached to the vehicle wall with hinges and can then be stored flat against the wall.
  • With the plug-in table foot an inlet rosette is screwed into the floor of your vehicle, or a body rosette is screwed onto the floor. The tabletop is folded up from the wall, the table base is inserted into the rosette and the tabletop is placed on top.
  • The tabletop holder works like a slightly more stable support flap holder. The tabletop is pulled into the horizontal position and locks into place. To release it, you have to lift the tabletop slightly. This releases the lock of the tabletop holder and the tabletop can be folded down again.
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