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Awning Rug & Groundsheet

Awning rug, tent rug or camping carpet, it has many names, the rug in front of mobile homes, caravans and campers. Whether prefabricated or by the metre, if you want to have clean and dry feet under the awning and canopy, you should

Awning rug, tent rug or camping carpet, it has many names, the rug in front of mobile homes, caravans and campers. Whether prefabricated or by the metre, if you want to have clean and dry feet under the awning and canopy, you should definitely lay an awning carpet underneath. Tarps and waterproof groundsheets keep the inside of your tent dry and clean.

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Tent Rug and Underlay

The Awning Carpet protects your Caravan, Camper Van or your Mobile Home from dirt and sand carried in. Tent underlays, tent rugs, tarps, tarpaulins and groundsheets ensure that your tent interior stays clean and you don't bring more dirt than necessary into your sleeping cabin. Practical doormats with caravan and mobile home motifs keep your shoes clean and ensure a fitting entrance to your camper.

The awning rug - Ideal as underlay and protection

The awning carpet is probably the best-known type of awning carpet. Whether summer or winter, an awning carpet keeps heat out, but also insulates a little from the cold and, above all, ensures that snow or sand stays in front of the mobile home or caravan. The area of an awning carpet should be at least as large as the area under the awning. If it is too big, it can simply be folded at the edge.

Tent Rugs - The advantages at a glance:

  • Dirt and snow stay in front of the mobile
  • Easy to keep clean
  • Are light and don’t add much weight
  • Dry, clean awning floor to read, lie on or play on
  • In winter, heating mats can be placed underneath if necessary.
  • Fabric types perfectly matched to different subsoils
  • Turn an awning or canopy into a cosy living space
  • Good "barefoot feeling”
  • The awning carpet "breathes" and thus prevents mould growth
  • Can be cut to size individually
  • Muffles the noise level

Which awning rug is the best?

Well, which awning rug is the best? Good question, to which there is of course no general answer. As different as you are as campers, so are the awning carpets. Coarse fabric with many large meshes, for example, is extremely breathable and keeps the grass alive under the awning. With the finer woven tent carpets, the sand pushes through less at the holiday destination and can be swept off easily. Waterproof groundsheets keep the tent dry and the damp ground out.

Flooring and Rug

The new floor coverings are ideal for longer holidays, winter holidays or long-term camping. The square tiles or plastic gratings are easy to install and provide a soundproof step and good insulation. For winter holidays, a heating mat can be inserted between the floor tile and the tent carpet as floor heating for the awning . This gives you a cosy, dry extra living space, even when it's uncomfortable outside.

What size should the awning floor be?

Berger awning carpets are available ready-made in many different sizes for purchase. Whether you need your tent carpet 300 x 400 or your awning carpet 300 x 600 you are sure to find the right size here. If not, no problem, you can also order various Berger tent carpets by the metre . You can also order your awning carpet individually cut to size.


The newer groundsheets have also evolved. Here you'll find soft and warm tent rugs for a cosy feeling of space. Or, play it safe, the groundsheets or waterproof tarpaulins with their inflatable edge leave rain and moisture almost no chance. The rim keeps your tent or awning floor dry, clean and passable for a long time, even if puddles form.

Awning and tent groundsheet attachments

Whether groundsheet or awning rug, please fixate them on the ground! We recommend fixing the rug to the floor at least at the corners. Because groundsheets can wrinkle. Camping rugs are easily knocked over or blown away in strong winds. One or the other is annoying and you should have fun and enjoyment with your awning rug for a long time.

Camping Tarpaulin, Tent Tarpaulin, Groundsheet

Tarps and all-purpose tarpaulins, the so-called camping tarps are an all-rounder and can be used in many different areas. You can use a tarp as a tent tarpaulin for protection from the weather, as a tent floor, groundsheet or as a hanging privacy screen. A tent tarp is an inexpensive addition to your tent in many areas. Because you can use an awning to enlarge your tent, pavilion or awning. You can also use a camping tarp as a roof or side panel. Furthermore, a groundsheet is perfect as a tent floor or as protection against ground dampness under your tent. Awning tarpaulins that have integrated eyelets are particularly practical, as you can attach the tarpaulin with cords or fastening material.

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