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Power Inverters & Voltage Transformers

Sine wave inverters and voltage transformers ensure that the 12 V of your caravan or mobile home vehicle battery becomes 230 V. Whether you prefer clean sine wave voltage or the simple inverters, with the inverters from Büttner, Dometic

Sine wave inverters and voltage transformers ensure that the 12 V of your caravan or mobile home vehicle battery becomes 230 V. Whether you prefer clean sine wave voltage or the simple inverters, with the inverters from Büttner, Dometic and Berger there should be the right one for you! 

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Voltage transformer 12 V to 230 V

Inverter 12 V, or voltage transformer 12 V to 230 V buying is a matter of trust. That is why we only offer you quality products such as Dometic inverters, Büttner inverters or our exclusive Berger inverters. Get 230 V voltage for your mobile home, caravan or camper, enjoy independence from shore power and order your inverter now!

12 V inverter, why do you need it?

The 12 V inverter converts the energy in the supply battery into standard household 230 V. This means that with sufficient battery capacity and an inverter with a high continuous output, you can also use your normal household appliances when camping in a mobile home or caravan. Especially with a self-sufficient energy supply, such as a good solar set on the roof, or a fuel cell in the luggage, an inverter comes in handy. In this way, you can use the energy you have generated and stored at any time.

An inverter with priority circuit? What is it?

The inverter with priority circuit recognises when shore power is being fed into the camper via the CEE plug connector. At this moment, it switches off the supply via the vehicle battery and gives "priority" to the shore power of the campsite. In the past, part of the 230 V sockets worked via the inverter and, in the case of shore power, the remaining part of the sockets in the vehicle were switched on. With a 12 V inverter with priority circuit, all sockets can now be operated with shore power, as the shore power is routed through and not (as before) past the inverter.

Current transformers 12 V 230 V - What is sinusoidal voltage?

Current transformers 12 V 230 V are available in a wide range of price classes. But what is the difference with 12 V inverters? Why is one called a sine wave inverter and the other a sine-wave-like, quasi-sine or trapezoidal inverter?
This is all related to the sine curve. The voltage curves from a sine inverter and a trapezoidal inverter are very different. With the sine wave inverter, a very clean voltage curve swings up and down. This way, even the most sensitive devices are supplied with so-called "clean 230 V". The trapezoidal inverter does not produce a smooth curve, but a "modified sine-wave voltage". In short: The electricity produced is uneven. This disturbs some terminals. They do not work, or only to a limited extent. Multimedia devices, coffee machines, but also the charging of toothbrushes or laptops can hook, while robust electrical devices without sensor control, such as mixers, radios and lamps, basically have no problems with the somewhat unclean curve. It is entirely up to you to decide whether you can cope with the low-cost inverters or go for the more expensive Sinus Inverter. 

How big should my sine wave inverter be?

Balance your battery capacity and the power of your voltage transformer. After all, what's the point of connecting an 80 Ah battery to a 1700 Watt inverter if you want to switch on the air conditioning for 5 minutes? What we are saying is, please put everything in perspective. To find the right inverter from Dometic, Berger or Büttner for you, you should consider how much power you basically need.
Here is a brief overview:

    • The small inverters (sine wave) with 300 W
      help them recharge their camera, mobile phone or laptops. Blenders or mixers should also work.
    • Sine wave voltage transformer up to 1200 W
      are probably the most common inverters for the mobile home. This is usually enough for two batteries from an electric bike, small coffee machines, toasters and the like.
    • Large inverters of 1500 W and more
      with these inverters, coffee machines such as Senseo or Nespresso also take up their function. The hair dryer and the hoover should also work smoothly now.

Please always choose an inverter that is larger than you think, regardless of whether it is from Dometic, Büttner or Berger. Leave yourself a cushion for an additional device, or simultaneous use of several devices. It would be a shame if you had to buy a new voltage transformer to go with your new fan heater.

Finding the right inverter - How much electricity do I need in my camper?

This will be a minor arithmetical task. Add up all the devices you want to use at the same time. For example, lights, televisions and small fan heaters. You simply add up these wattages. For all appliances that need to "start up", such as the coffee machine that builds up pressure and heat, the hair dryer or the heater, please also take a look at the starting current. This start-up current can be much higher than the current in the normal continuous power. Here, there should be sufficient margin between the so-called peak power of the inverter or 12 V inverter and the start-up current of the respective unit. 

What should I look for in a voltage transformer?

Voltage transformers are not only divided into sine wave inverters and quasi-sine wave inverters. Other features also distinguish the cheap inverter from the voltage transformers from Dometic, Büttner or Berger.

      • Automatic switch-off in case of overload
      • Emergency stop also in case of overheating
      • Quiet fans ensure low noise pollution
      • Standby mode with low power consumption in idle mode
      • High peak power to easily cover demand peaks 

Inverters 12 V 230 V - The recommendation

We cannot and do not recommend a special inverter. But we can recommend you to buy the 12 V inverter as large as possible, at least approx. 25% above the calculated power. Please ensure that you have sufficient battery capacity. Please pay attention to the quantity that can be discharged. Because there are huge differences between wet, gel, AGM or lithium batteries. Rule of thumb: For some independence, you should be able to draw energy for about 2-3 days with your 12 V inverter.  

Connection of the voltage transformer 12 V 230 V

The voltage transformer or inverter should always be connected as close as possible to the battery. In this way, the power is passed on to the inverter almost without loss. The supply or connection cable should also be as thick as possible so as not to obstruct the current flow. Because the more 12 V arrives at the inverter, the more 230 V goes out to your consumers.

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