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Tent Pegs & Fastening Material

With the right tent pegs and suitable fastening material, you can secure camping tents and awnings in almost any ground, no matter how hard or soft. At Berger Camping you'll find everything you need to make your camping tent safe and

With the right tent pegs and suitable fastening material, you can secure camping tents and awnings in almost any ground, no matter how hard or soft. At Berger Camping you'll find everything you need to make your camping tent safe and stable.
Profit from:

  • Well-known brands such as Berger, Thule or Peggy Peg
  • Various articles such as pegs, screw pegs, tent pegs and tension clamps

When choosing pegs, pay attention to the nature of the ground!

Pegs for soft grounds

Due to the large surface area, they offer greater grip in soft soil such as sand and soft earth.

Pegs for mixed soils

The all-rounders that find support in soft and hard grounds.

Pegs for hard grounds

Pointed, long & thin, these pegs are suitable for hard ground as they can be driven in easily and clear their way between small stones.

Pegs for extremely hard grounds

Sharper, longer and thinner, these pegs are best suited for stony and hardened soils.
Learn more...

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Tent Pegs: Stable support for camping tents on any ground

Almost every camper has broken a peg when pitching their tent. This is annoying because, on the one hand, you cannot fasten the camping tent properly to the ground and, on the other hand, you have to buy new tent pegs before every camping holiday. The tent pegs supplied with the awning or trekking tent are not always suitable for every surface. For example, if you want to pitch your tent on soft ground, you can secure the tent with sand pegs. For hard or extremely hard surfaces, impact or screw-in tent pegs as well as tent pegs are suitable so that the camping tent stands stably.

The choice of material is also crucial to ensure that your tent is safe and stable. For example, tent pegs made of plastic hold especially well in grassy, sandy, pebbly or forest soils. Aluminium and steel pegs are the easiest to hammer into hard stone soils.

On campsites and in the countryside in Germany, Belgium, France and the Netherlands, you will usually find a normal surface. In countries like Switzerland, Italy, Croatia, Spain or Portugal, the ground is usually harder, so you need stronger tent pegs.

Tip: With the right tent poles the camping tent or caravan awning is stable.

Fastening material: Robust tensioning ropes for fastening camping tents

To ensure that you can securely and optimally fasten your tent at the campsite, you need tent pegs as well as robust fastening material. At Berger Camping you will find a versatile selection of tensioning ropes and cords for attaching tents.

With a rubber awning tensioner, you can securely fasten the awning to the caravan so that you don't have to worry about the tent or sunshade coming loose, even in windy weather. Practical awning sets with an impact screw ring, anchor plate and storm hook are also suitable for attaching an awning.

A guy rope made of robust polypropylene multifill offers you particularly strong hold when attaching the camping tent. The tent cord is available in different lengths so that you can flexibly attach different awnings or trekking tents. Alternatively, tents can also be stabilised with elastic and resistant tension rubbers.

At Berger Camping, you will find awning tensioners for tents made of robust nylon, elastic rubber and high-quality polyamide. The fastening material is wind and weatherproof, available as a luminous tent cord, extremely stable and easy to attach to tent pegs and hooks. This means you can pitch your tent outdoors in any weather without worrying.

By the way: With tent rugs, groundsheets and tarpaulins you can make your awning more homely.

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