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Camping Fridges

Camping fridges are small and large fridges perfect for use in motorhomes, caravans, awnings and boats. With brands such as Dometic, Engel and Berger, you are sure to find the right fridge for you. Absorber or compressor, powered by a gas
Camping fridges are small and large fridges perfect for use in motorhomes, caravans, awnings and boats. With brands such as Dometic, Engel and Berger, you are sure to find the right fridge for you. Absorber or compressor, powered by a gas cylinder, 12 V battery or 230 V, should it be a built-in or free-standing refrigerator? They all have a large fan base, so what are the advantages? What characterises the different technologies?
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The camping fridge

Camping fridges provide cold food and drinks in motorhomes, caravans, awnings or garden sheds. A distinction is made between the absorption or gas refrigerator and the compressor refrigerator. The technology used in the camping fridges and the cooling capacity achieved differ fundamentally. With a gas fridge, you order and buy flexibility, because the absorption fridge runs on gas, 12 V and 230 V. The compressor refrigerator stands for stable cooling performance down to below freezing point. Wikipedia has such great, highly technical descriptions of compressors and absorbers that we can't and don't want to top them here. However, we can provide a generally understandable explanation of how the cooling systems of camping fridges work.

How does the compressor fridge work?

The compressor refrigerator works with pressure and vaporisation. A liquid gas is forced through a vaporiser into the inside of the fridge. The system is similar to the gas refrigerator, the liquid gas tries to become gaseous again and vaporises. It absorbs the energy required for vaporisation as heat from the cooling chamber of the compressor refrigerator. The compressor directs the resulting gas to the outside of the refrigerator at high pressure. In this way, the heat is dissipated and the refrigerant is liquefied again by the pressure. It is then forced through a throttle. The drop in pressure downstream of the throttle causes vaporisation to start again (the refrigerant has a boiling point of -30 degrees) and the liquid gas becomes cold. The same effect also occurs at the valve of the gas cylinder if too much gas flows out at once. In cooling mode, the built-in temperature sensor indicates if the temperature inside the compressor camping refrigerator drops. The compressor then switches on automatically with a slight humming noise.
Click here for an explanation of the gas fridge!

The Dometic refrigerator

The Dometic refrigerator is probably the best-known camping refrigerator on the market. Powerful and economical compressor fridges from the Coolmatic series or absorption fridges from the 5, 8 or 10 series. Many innovations make the Dometic refrigerator so successful. For example, the freezer compartment can be easily removed from the newer Dometic compressor models. This allows you to either increase the volume of the cooling chamber or convert everything into a freezer. Thanks to sophisticated technology, Dometic has succeeded in reducing the energy consumption of the new Coolmatic models by up to 25%. But even the newer Dometic absorption refrigerators have nothing to hide: they are characterised by economical consumption and excellent cooling performance.

Cooling with the compressor?

What kind of camping fridge should you choose? A good question. If you have a good power supply on board, often have shore power or don't want gas in the vehicle, the compressor is the best option. This camping refrigerator cools to below freezing point and works independently of the outside temperature. Compressor fridges are often installed in panel vans and smaller motorhomes.

Built-in refrigerators and free-standing refrigerators

The camping refrigerator is available as a free-standing appliance equipped with an absorber. These fridges often run at 50mb and are connected directly to the gas cylinder. These models are often used in awnings, in holiday homes, for long-term camping or in allotments. The freestanding 50mb absorbers are not intended for installation in a motor vehicle. The built-in appliances that you can integrate into your kitchen unit in a motorhome or caravan are 30mb refrigerators or compressor appliances.
Berger Camping offers you a wide range of camping fridges. Whether it's a built-in fridge or a free-standing model, powered by electricity, as an absorption or gas fridge, you'll find just the right one here!
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