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Discover the variety of vehicle batteries for your mobile adventure. Choosing the right battery for your motorhome or caravan is crucial if you want to be self-sufficient and worry-free on the road. At Berger Camping , we offer a
Discover the variety of vehicle batteries for your mobile adventure. Choosing the right battery for your motorhome or caravan is crucial if you want to be self-sufficient and worry-free on the road. At Berger Camping, we offer a wide selection of batteries, including on-board batteries and supply batteries, which ensure the energy supply in your vehicle.
For caravans, we offer deep-cycle body batteries that have been specially developed for continuous operation. These batteries provide a constant supply of energy and can be discharged deeper without being damaged. They are the ideal solution for supplying your caravan with sufficient power
Explore our range of vehicle batteries and find the perfect solution for your mobile power supply. With Berger Camping, you are ideally equipped to enjoy your trip to the full.
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Why do you need both an on-board battery and a starter battery and how do they differ?

The smooth operation of your motorhome depends on a well-maintained battery system. Motorhomes usually have two types of batteries: Starter batteries and on-board batteries (also known as body batteries). It is important to understand the differences between these two types of batteries as they serve different purposes and requirements.
Starter batteries are specifically designed for the purpose of starting the motorhome's engine. They deliver high amperage over a short period of time to power the engine. Starter batteries are not designed to be repeatedly charged and discharged.
On-board batteries, on the other hand, are designed to power devices and systems in the motorhome. They have a higher capacity and are designed to deliver energy over longer periods of time.

The differences between these motorhome batteries are therefore:

  • Intended use: starter batteries are designed to start the engine, while on-board batteries are designed to power appliances and systems in the motorhome.
  • Discharge behavior: Starter batteries can handle fast discharges for short periods of time, while on-board batteries can handle slower discharges over longer periods of time.

The 4 most important types of on-board battery for motorhomes and their advantages and disadvantages

Choosing the right on-board battery for your motorhome is crucial as it ensures the power supply for your on-board devices and systems. Here are four common types of on-board batteries, their advantages and disadvantages:

1. AGM (Absorbent Glass Mat) batteries

AGM batteries are maintenance-free batteries in which the electrolyte is bound in a glass fiber mat. They are designed to withstand deep discharges without being damaged.
  • Maintenance-free: AGM batteries do not require regular maintenance.
  • Deep-discharge capable: They can be discharged deeply without being damaged.
  • Low self-discharge: AGM batteries lose less charge when not in use
  • Higher purchase costs: they are generally more expensive than other types.

For which motorhome driver is this battery suitable?

AGM batteries are the ideal choice for motorhome drivers who value freedom from maintenance, low discharge capacity and compact design. These batteries are particularly suitable for occasional campers and users who are on the road for long periods without an external power supply, as they offer a reliable and long-lasting source of energy. The AGM battery is also characterized by the fact that it takes up little space.

2. Gel batteries

Gel batteries are also maintenance-free batteries in which the electrolyte is bound in a gel. They are characterized by low self-discharge and a longer service life.


  • Maintenance-free: Gel batteries require no maintenance.
  • Low self-discharge: They retain their charge over longer periods of time.
  • Longer service life: Gels generally last longer.
  • Sensitive to overcharging: overcharging can shorten the service life.

What type of motorhome is this battery suitable for?

Gel batteries are particularly suitable for frequent travelers and long-term campers who regularly travel long distances and are dependent on a constant power supply. Gel batteries can be deep-discharged and work efficiently in a wide temperature range, making them reliable for use in different climates. They are safe and leak-proof, making them perfect for installation in the interior of motorhomes or caravans. As they require little maintenance and have a longer lifespan, they are an excellent choice for discerning motorhome drivers who rely on a stable energy source.

3. Lithium iron phosphate batteries (LiFePO4)

LiFePO4 batteries are lithium batteries that use iron phosphate as the cathode material. They are lightweight, have a high cycle stability and offer efficient energy output.


  • Lightweight: They are lighter than other batteries.
  • High cycle stability: LiFePO4 batteries can be charged and discharged frequently.
  • High efficiency: They offer a more efficient energy output.
  • Higher initial cost: LiFePO4 batteries are initially more expensive.

For which motorhome owners is this battery suitable?

Lithium iron phosphate batteries are ideal for motorhome drivers who want maximum performance and efficiency from their battery system. These batteries are particularly suitable for motorhome fans who regularly go on long trips, need a lot of power and are concerned about weight and saving space. They are perfect for high-tech motorhomes equipped with a variety of electronic devices and amenities.

4. Wet cell batteries

Wet cell batteries are conventional lead-acid batteries that use a liquid, usually sulfuric acid, as the electrolyte. They require regular maintenance and are resistant to occasional deep discharges.

  • Lower initial cost: wet batteries are generally cheaper.
  • Robustness: They are resistant and forgiving of occasional deep discharges.
  • Regular maintenance required: you need to monitor water levels and acidity.
  • Risk of acid leakage

For which motorhome traveler is this battery suitable?

Wet batteries are only suitable as an on-board battery to a limited extent, as they only have a limited service life and carry the risk of an acid leak. However, they are very reasonably priced and easy to maintain, so they are best suited for occasional users.

Choosing the right on-board battery depends on your individual requirements and budget. think about how often you are on the road, which devices and systems you operate and how important a maintenance-free solution is to you. If you have any questions about choosing the right on-board battery, the experts at Berger Camping will be happy to help you.
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