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On a vacation at a campsite or when travelling with your mobile home, you won’t have to forego the comfort you have at home, thanks to the right camping equipment and camping electronics . At Berger Camping you will find a wide range of
On a vacation at a campsite or when travelling with your mobile home, you won’t have to forego the comfort you have at home, thanks to the right camping equipment and camping electronics. At Berger Camping you will find a wide range of electronics accessories for camping, such as navigation systems and air conditioners. But also the technical accessories for the right power supply as well as practical camping satellite systems are among the most popular products in the category Camping Electronics.
When buying electronics at Berger Camping, benefit from advantages such as:
  • renowned manufacturers such as TomTom, Garmin, Megasat or Alphatronics
  • versatile selection such as audio and TV, satellite systems, navigation systems, energy supply
  • simple handling and easy use
  • low-cost mobile energy solutions for camping
  • various electronic accessories such as cables, plugs, receivers
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Popular categories

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Power supply and solar systems for mobile homes

A proper energy supply provides more comfort when camping. With built-in sockets, you can connect more electrical appliances in the mobile home, and for sockets outdoors, safety boxes protect against moisture and dirt. Use camping plugs for the CEE power supply at the campsite. This gives you a stable connection and optimum protection from the elements.
The appropriate cables are of great importance for the power supply in the mobile home. To protect the power cable from gasoline or any other liquid, use a rubber-insulated cable. Like this, that the cable won’t get damaged when being driven over or when hit by adverse weather conditions. Alternatively, cable reels with a thermal circuit breaker are suitable, so the cable cannot overheat if it has not been fully unrolled.
With camping solar systems you get electrical energy from the sun. The modules are extremely stable and only slightly susceptible to faults. Foldable solar modules that have a small pack size and can therefore be transported in a space-saving way are suitable for camping.
Tip: With a CEE power supply it is possible to have a stable and safe energy supply on the campsite.

Satellite Systems and Navigation Systems for Camping Trips

You don't have to miss your favourite TV series on the campsite or in the great outdoors. With the right camping satellite system and the right television for the mobile home you can enjoy good reception even when travelling. The satellite antennas and the LED flat screens are remarkable for their low weight and their easy installation. In particular, mobile flat antennas weigh usually less than 10 kg and can be attached to door handles and windows. TV sets for campers range from compact small sets to large 32" screens.
In order to always be on the right track on camping trips, you can find navigation systems and reversing aids at Berger Camping. The devices from well-known brands like TomTom or Garmin are particularly popular and always show you the right route to your destination. Additional extras such as a speed and traffic jam warning system as well as free map updates are included in many navigation systems for mobile homes.
A professional reversing aid helps you park the mobile home at the campsite or even when parking on the road. The sensors of the reversing aid are usually very sensible, even in the presence of the smallest obstacles. Equipped with one (or more) cameras you can also see what's going on behind your camper.
By the way: More comfort when driving the mobile home is offered by the combined systems.

Advantages of our Camping Electronics

With Electronic Accessories for mobile homes and caravans from Berger Camping, you can ensure an optimum power supply on the campsite. The large selection of products from the categories TV and accessories, satellite systems, navigation systems and reversing devices as well as energy supply takes care of you with the right cables, sockets and solar systems.
The technical accessories have been specially designed for stays at the campsite or for travelling with the caravan. The devices convince in the areas of mobility, stability, durability and lightness. In addition, the electronic devices are easy to operate and simple to install.
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