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Roofhoods & Roof Fans

Roof hatches for motorhomes and caravans with and without forced ventilation. The large light-flooded panorama skylight in the camper or a small mushroom vent above the caravan bathroom creates a pleasant indoor climate, good ventilation

Roof hatches for motorhomes and caravans with and without forced ventilation. The large light-flooded panorama skylight in the camper or a small mushroom vent above the caravan bathroom creates a pleasant indoor climate, good ventilation and/or natural light in your vehicle. You can order or buy roof lights and vents from the manufacturers MPK, Remis, Fiamma, Dometic and Thule here.

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Roof hatch caravan, motorhome roof window

Roofhoods and roof ventilators - fresh air from above

A variety of terms, such as Roof hatch, Roofhood, Roof light, Vent or Roof window describe one and the same product. But the result is always the same: With a Camping Roofhood or Roof Vent installed in Caravans, Motorhomes and Panel Vans you let heat, steam and bad smells escape upwards. Large panoramic roof windows provide pleasant light during the day, or a view of the brilliant starry sky at night. Small skylights provide light and sufficient ventilation in the kitchen or on the toilet. Order and buy ingenious ventilation for retrofitting now.

Replacing or retrofitting

skylights in caravans and motorhomes are quite easy to replace or to retrofit. Of course, proper sealing is important. The dimensions given, such as 28 x 28, 40 x 40 or 50 x 50 cm always refer to the cut-out dimension. However, when buying a roofhood, it is important to consider the outer dimensions of the roofhood and the space available on the vehicle. This is because, as a rain and snow protection, the outer cover, the actual roofhood, is often much larger than the specified cut-out size. For retrofitting Roofhoods with a fan, you also need a connection to the 12 V on-board power supply.

Dometic Heki - the large variety

Dometic roof windows and Panorama Roofhoods, the so-called Heki, are available from us in a large selection. Whether the panorama skylights Heki 2 and 3 or the small skylights Micro, Mini and Midi, you will find the former Seitz skylights collected under Dometic skylights. The so-called Heki skylight is a series of Roofhoods from the manufacturer Dometic. The term stands for "lift-and-tilt" and roughly describes how these roof hatches work. The Heki roof hatch is popular because of the possibility of raising the window upwards and fixing it at different angles. This allows very individual ventilation. With Heki windows, the glass is usually completely transparent. This allows more light to enter and it is brighter. These roof windows are often retrofitted in motorhomes and caravans.

MPK Roofhoods - from the frosted glass hood to the Vision Star

MPK Roofhoods are of course available in many different sizes and for different roof thicknesses. What is remarkable about the MPK Roofhoods is that the various hood types are fundamentally very different. While the roof hatches of the traditional models from model 29 to 46k are offered in frosted glass, you can order the chic Vision Star and Vision Vent roof hatches in smoked glass or clear glass look.

MPK Vision Star, the aerodynamic roof hatch.
The Vision Star roof hatch from MPK provides plenty of air and light in mobile homes and caravans. The Vision Star can be opened or closed with one hand and is infinitely adjustable up to 70 degrees. The frame, as well as the glazing, is double-walled for better insulation.

The Vision Vent M, M pro and S eco from MPK provide ventilation with their built-in fan, with innovative condensation protection. The Vision Vent models are easy to open, cause only minimal driving noise and can be set up in various positions using four telescopic uprights.

Remis Roofhood - the REMItop Vista

The Remis Roofhood REMItop Vista can be installed on roof thicknesses from 28 to 42 mm and has the standard roof hatch size of 400 x 400 mm. The built-in insect blind and the pleated blackout blind leave almost nothing to be desired with the REMItop Vista. If desired, the factory-fitted forced ventilation can be interrupted.

Fiamma Vent - with or without fan

The Fiamma Vent skylight can be optionally equipped with a fan kit, the matching Turbo Vent. Fiamma Vent roof hatches are available in 28 x 28 cm and 40 x 40 cm. The Fiamma Vent roof hatch has been on the market for many years and is technically mature. The Turbo Kit for roof hatches can be retrofitted and can optionally be operated with batteries. The Turbo Vent roof hatch is the premium model in the Fiamma Vent range. You can change the running direction of the fan at the touch of a button. This way you can decide whether you want to let cool air in from outside or blow the kitchen vapours out.

Omnivent - the Thule roof hatch

The roof hatch from Thule, the Omnivent, is easy to use. The roof hatch can be opened steplessly with one hand, even when the insect screen or blackout blind is closed. The Thule Omnivent can be retrofitted with a ventilator kit.

Roof ventilators for caravans and motorhomes- the mushroom ventilator

Roof ventilators or mushroom ventilators make sense in places where no roof window fits. With a roof ventilator, you provide permanent ventilation in damp rooms, such as the caravan wet room. In this way, you prevent water-logging with permanent roof ventilation and ensure a pleasant indoor climate with a roof vent.

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