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Awnings & Sun Shade Sails

Manual awnings, roller awnings and other awnings for caravans, mobile homes, Ducato panel vans or VW Bus T4, T5 and T6. With a cassette awning or a cosy sun canopy, you can create shade on hot days. Whether you want a camping awning from

Manual awnings, roller awnings and other awnings for caravans, mobile homes, Ducato panel vans or VW Bus T4, T5 and T6. With a cassette awning or a cosy sun canopy, you can create shade on hot days. Whether you want a camping awning from Thule, Fiamma, Dometic or Wigo, or want to buy or order a matching Berger sun canopy, here you will find different models for roof, wall and keder rail.

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Manual awnings and other awnings for caravans and mobile homes

Sun sails and awnings from Thule, Fiamma, Dometic, Wigo and Berger

Mobile home awnings, Caravan awnings and Manual awnings can be bought in large selection on the Camping market. But which is the right one? Thule awnings and Fiamma awnings are the best known awnings for mobile homes and caravans. But the Dometic awning or the Wigo Rolli manual awning don't have to hide either. Awnings for caravans and mobile homes are important accessories for your camping holiday. On a holiday at the campsite, you naturally want pure sunshine. But sitting in the sun all day is not healthy and at some point also uncomfortable. With a practical caravan awning, manual awning or a practical caravan sun sail you can enjoy optimal sun protection. But also for the mobile home, Thule, Fiamma, Dometic, Wigo and Berger offer different models for roof or wall mounting to buy and order.

Mobile Home Awnings and Caravan Awnings

Why every caravan and mobile home should have a sun canopy roof?
Travelling by camper often takes you to (deserted) places where you are completely exposed to the sun. Of course, there are high-quality camping air conditioners that ensure a pleasant temperature in the caravan. For the area in front of the caravan or camping bus, it is worth fitting a practical sun canopy. With a caravan sun canopy, you can enjoy shade whenever you want. The hard-wearing canopies are available as practical manual awnings, sun sails or as caravan awnings with side panels. This way, you can sit outside in front of the mobile home on your camping holiday without being permanently exposed to direct UV radiation. Made from a durable material, your sunshade will hold up in wind and weather.

Thule awning, Fiamma awning or Dometic awning?

At Berger Camping you will find awnings for mobile homes and caravans from well-known brands such as Thule, Fiamma, Wigo and Dometic. In addition, manufacturers offer awnings with optional or standard side walls or complete awning tents such as:

  • Fiamma Privacy Room
  • Thule Panorama
  • Fiamma Caravanstore Zip (Complete with bag awning)
  • Dometic CampRoom
  • Wigo Rolli (complete with manual awning)

Manual awnings - the roller awning for the keder rail

You can slide the practical manual awning into the piping rail of the caravan in a few easy steps and wedge it there. You can use manual awnings well for light vehicles such as small caravans, camper vans, minicampers or off-road vehicles . The prerequisite for installation is an existing keder strip or keder rail. These simple caravan awnings often have a clever roll-up function and are therefore also called roller awnings. You can quickly erect and dismantle a manual awning as a canopy and store it in a space-saving case.

Manual awnings in the programme:

  • Fiamma Caravan Gate
  • Thule 1200
  • Wigo Rolli (complete package with awning)

Cassette Awnings for Mobile Homes and Caravans

Cassette awnings are probably the more elegant solution for your mobile home or caravan. Here you will again find the well-known manufacturers such as Fiamma, Thule and Dometic. Depending on the structure of the cassette awnings on the mobile, a distinction is made between:

Roof awnings include:

  • Fiamma F80S
  • Fiamma F40
  • Fiamma F35pro
  • Thule Omnistor 6300
  • Dometic PerfectRoof

Roof awnings are, as the name suggests, attached to the roof of your mobile home or caravan. Roof awnings are installed especially in panel vans such as the Ducato, Ford Transit and camping buses such as the VW T5, T4, T6 or Mercedes Vito. There is a reason for this, because in the panel van the sliding door is often at the mounting height of the wall awning. With the roof awning, whether from Thule, Fiamma or Dometic, you can open your sliding door perfectly.

Wall awnings are for example:

  • Fiamma F45
  • Dometic PerfectWall
  • Thule Omnistor 5200
  • Thule Omnistor 8000

The wall awning is the perfect awning for large mobile homes and caravans. This awning is simply attached to the straight outer wall using the adapters supplied. The wall awning adds nothing to the installed height and is also otherwise a stable and robust shade provider.

With matching front and side panels the awning can be converted into a canopy. The awning has the advantage that additional living space can be created if you want to stay longer in one place and the weather is unfavourable.

The window awning - A charming eye-catcher

The window awning occupies a special position. This is usually only used on caravans, which often have a large, wide window at the rear. With the help of the matching extension poles, the awning can be adjusted, protecting the interior from the sun's rays.

Sun Sails for Caravans and Mobile Homes

Sun Sails for Caravans and Mobile Homes round off the range. We are pleased to be able to offer you so many different variations such as sun canopies, manual awnings, wall awnings, roof awnings or awning canopies. You can attach awnings flexibly and easily. Fastening with powerful suction cups is just as possible with the sun awning as simple attachment to the keder rail.

Tips: With the right awning accessories it is easy to fit the sun protection. Mobile Home and Caravan awnings can be additionally secured against the wind with a storm strap! For a long service life of the sun sail or awning, remove rain streaks and mildew stains with a good tent or awning cleaner before packing it away.

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