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Air Conditioners

Air conditioning units for caravans, mobile homes and campers can be conveniently retrofitted in the storage box or on the roof. Order your camping air conditioner from Truma or Dometic at Berger. But fans or Evapolar evaporators also

Air conditioning units for caravans, mobile homes and campers can be conveniently retrofitted in the storage box or on the roof. Order your camping air conditioner from Truma or Dometic at Berger. But fans or Evapolar evaporators also provide cooling refreshment on hot days.

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Retrofitting air conditioning units for caravans and mobile homes

A modern caravan or mobile home now includes air conditioning. After all, it is often hot at the campsite during summer holidays. Here in the Online Shop you can order retrofit Camping air conditioners from well-known brands such as Truma, Dometic or Evapolar . When buying your camping air conditioner, make sure that the specified cooling capacity and the size of your camper match.

What types of camping air conditioners are there?

There are various devices for keeping caravans, mobile homes, camper vans and awning tents cool:

  • Storage Box Air Conditioners
  • Roof air conditioners
  • Evaporator Air Conditioners
  • Mobile Air Conditioners  Caravan
  • Fans

The Truma Air Conditioner

Air conditioners from Truma cool your mobile home or caravan to a comfortable temperature via app. While you are still on the beach, you can tell your Truma Aventa or Saphir how warm or cold you want your caravan or mobile home to be by smartphone. With the optional iNet System this is no longer a utopia - together with the Truma CP plus you can centrally control your Truma heating and Truma air conditioner via one app.. Truma air conditioners came in first in the König Kunde Award 2019 competition. Whether the Aventa on the roof or the Saphir in the storage box, with a Truma air conditioner you stay cool.

The Dometic Air Conditioner

The Dometic FreshJet and FreshLight air conditioners cool from the roof, the Dometic FreshWell fits perfectly in the storage box. Very small and lightweight air conditioners, equipped with low starting currents and soft start option, that's what the Dometic air conditioner stands for. This means you can still start your Dometic air conditioner at the campsite even if the fuse is weak. The FreshJet air conditioners can be used as a duo in large vehicles. The Dometic FreshLight is a little more expensive, but convinces with its built-in skylight. Whether FreshWell, FreshJet or FreshLight, you can keep a cool head with a Dometic air conditioner.

How does a roof air conditioner work?

When you install a camping air conditioner on the roof, you don't waste unnecessary space in the caravan or mobile home. The models do however reduce the aerodynamics of the vehicle, which can lead to higher fuel costs. The roof air conditioner is usually installed via an existing roof hatch. This is a safe solution because you cannot saw any load-bearing parts in the roof. The skylight is removed and the roof air conditioner is hung and fixed in the existing cut-out. If not already pre-equipped in the vehicle, laying the 230 V power cable up to the roof air conditioner is probably the most strenuous work. If you want to keep your daylight, the Dometic Freshlight with integrated skylight is recommended. The camping air conditioners for the roof without roof windows usually have pleasant, indirect LED lighting.

Retrofitting a storage box air conditioning unit

Storage Box Air Conditioners: Camping air conditioners are a particularly popular retrofit for caravans and motor homes, as they provide quiet air circulation in the room. Since the air conditioner fits into the storage box, installation is much easier.
Here is a rough installation guideline:

  • Find a suitable place in the storage box, bed base, etc.
  • Make sure there is a power connection
  • Carefully position the enclosed installation template
  • Mark all important entrances, exits and fixing points.
  • drill the cut-outs marked in the floor
  • Fasten exhaust air filter
  • Seal everything well with Sika 221 sealant
  • Fasten mounting
  • Insert storage box air conditioner
  • If necessary, connect to the hot air distribution of the heating system.
  • Install the air intake grid (from the vehicle interior to the air conditioning)
  • Install the ventilation nozzles
  • Connect cold air hose

The storage box air conditioner draws the warm air out of the interior of the camper and cools it. In the air conditioner, the air is also dried (the water exits through the drain pipe mounted in the floor), purified and filtered.  Please note that every camper is different and nozzles, intake grid and cold air hose may need to be ordered as an option for cold air distribution.

Due to the installation in the storage box, the installation of the air conditioner has a favourable effect on the driving characteristics of your caravan.

Air Distributor, Diffuser

The air distributor ensures even cold air distribution in caravans and mobile homes. With the roof air conditioner, the diffuser is simply placed on top and blows the cold air in the desired directions. The air distributor, or the vent nozzle(s) for the air conditioning in the storage box, must be moved upwards, as cold air is known to fall. A connection to the warm air distribution of the heating system is common for air conditioning systems with heating function, such as the Truma Saphir Comfort.

How are camping air conditioners operated?

The cooling system for caravans and mobile homes is usually operated via a remote control, which you can use to set the desired temperature. In addition, you can often choose between the settings cooling, automatic, ventilate, dehumidify or heat pump. An air conditioner works with a special refrigerant that has a high impact on energy consumption. The Truma Aventa air conditioning unit and the Saphir can be integrated into the Truma iNet system. This means that with the right accessories, you can operate the Truma air conditioners via app and smartphone.

Mobile air conditioners caravans and fans

Not everyone can or wants to afford a camping air conditioner. For this case, we have the Evapolar air conditioners in our range. These so-called evaporator air conditioners from Evapolar are filled with cold water and (depending on the coldness of the water) cool their surroundings down noticeably. The beauty of the Evapolar mobile units is that you can take them from the awning to the caravan or even into the camping tent with the battery. But the good old fan also provides a pleasant breeze. Whether mobile air conditioner, standing fan, column fan or table fan, let a stiff breeze blow around your nose!  

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