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Reversing Cameras & Reversing Systems

Reversing cameras, monitors with radio or by cable make your camper existence easier. Manoeuvring in confined spaces requires a lot of experience and an overview. But especially when you have to move quickly, the overview is easily lost

Reversing cameras, monitors with radio or by cable make your camper existence easier. Manoeuvring in confined spaces requires a lot of experience and an overview. But especially when you have to move quickly, the overview is easily lost when reversing. The reversing systems offered here can be easily retrofitted to most motorhomes, caravans and camping buses.

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Retrofit reversing cameras

You can easily retrofit reversing cameras in most mobile homes. The biggest difficulty is probably running the cables. Many new mobile homes already have the camera cables pre-routed, so you can retrofit a compatible reversing system without much effort. A wireless camera transmits images wirelessly from the rear to the cockpit of your motorhome or tow vehicle. Whether you prefer a wired or wireless solution, with a reversing camera system you order yourself a little bit more security.

 Wireless reversing cameras for caravans and difficult installation situations

Wireless reversing cameras are quite easy to install in and on your caravan. Depending on the design of the wireless reversing camera, the images are transmitted in digital or analogue quality to the monitor of the rear view system.
Advantages and disadvantages of the data transmission technologies:

    • Wireless reversing camera - analogue transmission
      Only conditionally suitable for transmission distances of more than 10 m. The current image appears quickly and without delay on your monitor. The analogue wireless cameras can be bought very cheap. Due to the poor image quality, however, are still dying out. But, for the sake of completeness, they must of course still be mentioned.
    • Rear view camera - with WLAN / WIFI to smartphone
      Of course, there is now also a smartphone app. Up to 20 m away (under optimal conditions) the signals of the small rear view camera can be transmitted to your smartphone or tablet. The associated wireless cameras are small and can be mounted partly without drilling. Simply download the app, synchronize with your smartphone and you're ready to go!
    • Wireless reversing camera - with digital transmission
      With a digital reversing camera you conjure up high-resolution images on the associated monitor. The digital technology allows ranges of approx. 30 m. If the camera is very far away from the monitor, however, there may be minor image delays. This is noticeable by a slight jerking during the image update. This is actually not bad, but should be taken into account when reversing at a higher speed.

Brake light cameras for panel vans & Co.

Especially popular with Ducato and other panel van drivers is the brake light camera. In the additional brake light, your camera immediately gets the power connection at the optimal place and without additional drill holes or fasteners. Here in the camping store you can order a wide selection of brake light cameras from Luis and Dometic

From the reversing camera to the Naviceiver

The modern navigation systems for the motorhome, if compatible, can receive and process the data from their reversing camera. The reversing camera is switched on automatically when reverse gear is engaged and the image appears on the display of your Naviceiver. When retrofitting the reversing camera, it is important that the Sat-Nav and the camera really fit together. Please compare urgently the "Camera-In" at the Naviceiver with the "Out" of the desired camera!

The power supply of the reversing systems

Reversing systems whether with radio or cable, camera and monitor need power to function. When connecting the reversing camera, depending on your preference, usually rely on the power of the reversing light or the rear light. Connecting to the reversing light has the advantage of powering their reversing system when shifting into reverse. This works well when the system starts up quickly, but if you have a monitor that starts up very slowly or takes time to connect to the camera, there can be quite a delay.

When connected to the rear light, your reversing system is continuously supplied with power (given that you have lights on) . Often, a switch is also installed, which you press when you want to use your reversing system. The connection between camera and monitor is present and can be used without delay.

Waeco reversing cameras are now Dometic!

The well-known Waeco reversing cameras and reversing systems have been sold under the Dometic name for some time. Whether Waeco Perfect View or now Dometic Perfect View, the quality has not been affected by the name change. The Dometic reversing systems convince with good performance and clear image transmission from camera to monitor. 

Luis reversing cameras and monitors

Luis is a manufacturer that widely distributes reversing cameras and monitors in the commercial vehicle sector as well as in the camping sector. Whether in agriculture, construction or logistics, Luis offers customized camera solutions also for your caravan, camper or camping vacation.

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