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12 volt TVs for caravans, motorhomes and trucks. With the small TV sets, some of which can also be used with 230 or 24 V, you can stay informed even on camping holidays or on the country road. Enjoy the new Smart TV or watch films with the

12 volt TVs for caravans, motorhomes and trucks. With the small TV sets, some of which can also be used with 230 or 24 V, you can stay informed even on camping holidays or on the country road. Enjoy the new Smart TV or watch films with the integrated DVD player on your LED flat screen.

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Camping TV or 12 V TV 

The big and small TVs for caravans, motorhomes and trucks

The Camping TV for Motorhome, Caravan or Truck is switched on in bad weather at the latest. Many camping TVs can be connected to 12 V, 230 V and in some cases also to 24 volts. This means that you can also use your small 12 V TV at the end of the "big trip" in the household or in the garden shed. Please do not confuse the special 12 V and 24 V TV for mobile use with other small screens! Camping TVs are built to be "shake-proof" (vibration-reducing). This means that even long bumpy stretches should pass without contacts coming loose. Camping TVs are designed to withstand greater temperature fluctuations than the ordinary LED TV, because high internal temperatures are reached in the motorhome or caravan on hot days.

The screen diagonals of your new 12 V TV

With a 12 V TV it is important that you can store it well and safely in your caravan, motorhome, truck or van. Most of the time these are LED flat screens with 16", 19" or 22". So it makes little sense to look for the largest screen diagonal on offer. Because if you can't fit your 12-volt TV in, then the 12-volt TV is no fun either!

How big can my flat screen be?

Of course your 12 V flat screen should be as big as possible. 

In the Camping TV category there are:

  • 16 inch TVs (also 15.6")
  • 19 inch TVs (also 18.5")
  • 22 inch TV (also 21,5")
  • 24 inch television
  • 32 inch television

As I said, space in motorhomes and caravans is limited. Please keep in mind how small your 12 volt TV really needs to be!

The external dimensions of the LED TV

Is a stand necessary for the 12 V TV? If so, how high is it?
What is the overall size of the Camping TV? Don't forget the outer frame!
When stowing in the cupboard compartment, it is extremely important: How deep is my caravan and motorhome TV?
When the 12 V LED TV is stowed, can you still reach the connections? Can you connect your console game if necessary or can you still reach the (perhaps) built-in DVD player?

Buying a 12 V SMART TV - yes or no?

For a few years now, after the smart phone, the word SMART TV has been doing the rounds. Alphatronics started this new era with a 12 V TV equipped with a basic Smart function. In the Alphatronics 12 V Smart TVs, a browser is integrated with which you can surf the Internet in a relaxed way (with the appropriate reception). Press the SMART button on your remote control to access pre-installed apps such as news, the latest trends or YouTube. Provided the 12 V SMART TV and your smartphone are on the same Wi-Fi network, you can use the DLNA function for Android or AirPlay for iOS to mirror the screen content of your smartphone directly onto the Camping TV.

The viewing angle

The wider the specified viewing angle of your 12 V TV, the better. With a wide viewing angle, you can enjoy a perfect TV picture even from the most remote corners of your camper. Good 12 V TVs have an angle of approx. 178 degrees.

The TV tuner and CI slot

The CI slot for many HD channels (High Definition) and the pay channels such as Sky, for example, you need a slot card. So that you don't have to do without the pleasure when you're on the move, a CI slot is installed in many camping and truck TVs.

Some camping TVs have several tuners. There are TVs with triple tuners. These 12 V and 24 V TVs are designed for reception from 3 different sources. The Triple Tuner can receive DVB-T2 (terrestrial), DVB-S2 (satellite) and DVB-C (cable).

How many connections do I need?

As many connections as possible (in the author's opinion). A USB socket is important for programming channels or for looking through holiday photos, for example. HDMI, Scart, phono, headphone and audio inputs, but also the good old cinch make sense. Whether for the soundbar, the games console or the laptop, there is almost no limit to the use of a Camping TV (with the right connections). Of course, the whole thing is put into perspective when you look at the improvements that come with SMART TVs. With screen mirroring from a smartphone, some analogue plugs will probably no longer be necessary in the future.

The built-in DVD player

The 12-volt television with built-in DVD player is the primitive model of camping television. Whether you are travelling without a satellite system or there is no WiFi on the campsite, or the TV reception is disturbed by a bad weather front, you can usually rely on the DVD player built into the camping TV. The pre-installed playback formats of the built-in DVD player are CD, DVD, VCD, MP3, DVD-R, DVD-RW, DivX and JPEG.

We hope you enjoy your new 12 volt television!

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