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Beach Shelters

Beach shelters are a MUST for any beach vacation. The pop-up beach shelter can be easily and quickly set up, even in strong winds. With the beach tent or sun tent you and your family lie protected from strong sunlight.

Beach shelters are a MUST for any beach vacation. The pop-up beach shelter can be easily and quickly set up, even in strong winds. With the beach tent or sun tent you and your family lie protected from strong sunlight.

Learn more...

Beach Tent or Pop-Up Beach Shelter

Brave the sun and wind with the beach shelter

Beach shelters are almost impossible to imagine a beach vacation without. It can quickly become uncomfortable when a constant wind blows on the beach. Whether North Sea or Fuerteventura the constant wind is no pleasure, so it's nice if you can retreat protected from the wind in your Pop-Up beach shelter. Direct sunlight is also nice, but can be exhausting in the long run. With a Beach Tent or Sun Tent you create artificial shade where you can relax and enjoy your beach day without the risk of Sunburn or Heat Stroke.

The beach shelter –- mall pack size, big sun protection

With the beach shelter, there's almost no excuse not to have one. You don't have to carry a big bulky sunshade to the beach any more, which then flies away at the next gust of wind. Also a beach pad is superfluous, because in the Berger beach shelters a ground is already sewn into the tent. Beach shelters are very light and can be packed very small. So your sun tent will fit in almost any beach bag without much added weight.

The Pop-Up beach shelter - simply set up in the wind

Anyone who has ever set up a tent in the wind knows that, it's no fun. Threading the tent poles in a strong wind is a feat of strength when your tent is standing horizontally in the wind. With a Pop-Up beach shelter you don't have that problem any more. You simply unpack the so called Throw Shelters and the fibreglass poles of your Pop-Up beach shelter will straighten your sun tent or wind tent in seconds. You just have to attach your pop-up beach shelter with pegs or use it in front of attached sand pockets on loose or sandy ground. Already nothing stands in the way of a beautiful beach day in the sun and wind.

The beach shelter tent as rain protection?

The polyester skin of your beach shelter is of course waterproof, you can usually tell this from the specified water column. If perhaps not to the extent waterproof as a camping tent. But your beach shelter is not necessarily designed for that. But, as is true for all tent skins, some impregnation has not hurt anyone. Because it can be very cosy to watch a warm summer rain on the beach, snuggled up in the beach shelter.

Pop-up beach shelter as a shelter for babies and toddlers

A large amount of UV radiation is not good especially for small children and babies. In the shade of a Berger beach shelter, you and your child have a UV protection factor of 50+ from the start. This together with a good sunscreen, ensures a carefree sunny day without a "fiery red surprise" in the evening. Sunlight is healthy and UV-B radiation stimulates the production of vitamin D in the human body. But too much, as with almost everything, is harmful. The risk of skin cancer increases, but also the common sunburn, or sunstroke can really spoil your vacation. With a beach shelter you are protected and can freely decide when you and especially your skin have had enough. But please always remember not to go unprotected in the sun and to have enough drinks with you.

Sufficient sight protection and privacy by the beach tent

Whether on the beach or in the garden - through the pop-up beach tent you also get privacy outdoors and are protected from unwanted looks. So you can enjoy the time outdoors undisturbed and in peace. Thereby our beach tents are available in different sizes to offer you and all involved persons enough space and protection.

Buy a beach tent at Berger

At Berger you can buy different beach shelters, from cheap to high quality, from different materials, sizes and colours, everything is available.
You can choose from:

    • Pop-Up beach shelters
  • with frame or "folding poles"
  • Beach tent or sun tent

Berger beach shelters all have UV protection of 50+, small pack size and light weight for a small price. Order your beach tent now, protect yourself from unwanted looks, sun, wind and weather!

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10 : 00
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