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Camping Satellite Systems

Camping satellite systems cover a wide range of applications. Order or buy your automatic satellite system for mobile homes, campers and caravans here. Oyster, Snipe or inexpensive and manually adjustable mobile satellite dish sets, the

Camping satellite systems cover a wide range of applications. Order or buy your automatic satellite system for mobile homes, campers and caravans here. Oyster, Snipe or inexpensive and manually adjustable mobile satellite dish sets, the digital choice is wide. Whether Kathrein, Selfsat or Ten Haaft, you are sure to find the best flat antenna or fully automatic satellite system for your needs here!

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Mobile and automatic satellite systems for caravans and mobile homes

Camping satellite systems for almost every budget

Camping satellite systems in a large selection can be bought or ordered here in the Berger Shop. The selection of digital satellite systems for Caravan, Camper and mobile home is huge. Just like the price range from the automatic satellite system to the mobile, manual satellite dish set.

Flat antenna or satellite dish?

Flat antennas or flat satellite dishes are no longer far behind conventional satellite dishes or offset dishes in terms of reception. In the past, flat antennas still had very weak reception. But, many improvements have been made and by now the range of fully automatic and manual camping satellite systems is not complete without the flat antenna. Flat antennas usually find a place in the farthest corner. Especially the Selfsat flat antennas have climbed extremely up the popularity scale of satellite systems in recent years.

Camping satellite system with TWIN LNB?

You can buy camping satellite systems with TWIN LNB . That's nice if you also want to watch TV separately sometimes. This is because the camping satellite systems with TWIN LNB have 2 separate lines that can be operated by different receivers. With a camping satellite system with TWIN LNB, your wife can watch football on the bed, for example, while you enjoy your favourite cooking show on the dinette.  

Automatic satellite system with Autoskew?

Automatic satellite systems are often offered with Autoskew but what is that? Autoskew becomes interesting when you venture to the edges of Europe with your vehicle. For example, the Astra satellite (as well as Eutelsat, Hotbird and the other TV satellites) have footprints that cover the main reception areas. If you now move with the camper to the edge of these areas (illumination zones), the preset angle of the camping satellite system is no longer correct due to the curvature of the earth and reception can fail. Roughly speaking, Autoskew automatically corrects the curvature of the earth's surface and thus ensures clean reception of your automatic satellite system, even at the edges of the reception areas.

Manual or automatic satellite system?

Whether you should buy a manual or fully automatic camping satellite system is probably decided first and foremost by your wallet. However, there are other aspects that play into the purchase decision, especially for mobile holidays with caravans and mobile homes. Park, press the button and within a few seconds the turntable of the camping satellite system has automatically found the preset satellite(s). The automatic alignment is practical if you stop at a new place every day and do not want to or cannot sacrifice the few minutes it takes to manually set up a flat antenna or the satellite dish. For permanent campers, the cheaper manual camping satellite systems do have an appeal.

What is Multifeed?

Multifeed means that two or more LNBs sit on your mirror in one Multifeed bracket . With Multifeed you can receive several satellites at the same time. However, the Multifeed feature is not really offered much in the area of camping satellite systems. However, there are automatic satellite systems that have several satellites programmed. If you have a receiver that can handle different satellites in your luggage, there is nothing standing in the way of enjoying TV with Hotbird, Eurobird or Türksat, for example.

An overview of the manufacturers of camping satellite systems*:

  • Ten Haaft

    Oyster, Caro or Vision, the names of the Ten Haaft Satellite Systems have a good ring to them. Ten Haaft has been supplying them with "Quality Made in Germany" for around 30 years. Oyster, Caro and Vision are fully automatic satellite systems, produced as offset antenna or flat antenna, which leave almost nothing to be desired.

  • Alden

    Alden is a German-French company and has been producing and developing automatic satellite systems such as the EVO, Planar and the innovative Onelight, which weighs only 6.9 kg, for over 20 years. Alden stands for robust quality, which is why Alden advertises AS2 the satellite system, for example, with a lifetime warranty.

  • Kathrein

    Kathrein has been producing everything related to information and satellite technology for many years. In recent years, Kathrein has made a name for itself with its One-Cable-Solution, in cooperation with Alphatronics. At Kathrein you will find the whole range of camping satellite systems, from the perfectly coordinated satellite and TV system to the well-known flat antenna BAS 66 you will find the whole range of camping satellite systems.

  • Megasat

    Megasat develops and produces the well-known camping satellite systems Campingman, Caravanman, Shipman and Traveller in Germany. These small automatic satellite systems from Megasat are often also "portable" or mobile.

  • Selfsat

    The Selfsat flat antennas, as well as the Selfsat Snipe V2 and V3 are popular small satellite systems for mobile homes, caravans or vans where there is not much space. Selfsat is an up-and-coming Korean manufacturer and offers inexpensive automatic satellite systems and flat antennas for almost every camper.

  • Maxview

    From Maxview, for example, comes the VuQube, Connect and Precision. Maxview founded in 1964 as a family business has grown to become a world-renowned company, offering you a wide range of automatic and manual Camping Satellite systems.

  • Travel Vision

    Travel Vision manual and automatic satellite systems on a tripod. No more fighting under the trees. Simply place your automatic Travel Vision R7 on a free spot and the automatic will do the rest. The Dutch company Travel Vision has been around since 1989, producing satellite reception systems for camping but also inland navigation.

  • Opticum

    Opticum imports current multimedia products to Germany. Very inexpensive complete sets consisting of satellite and TV enable almost every camper to enter the digital world. There are also 4 G and LTE antennas in the wide Opticum product range.

  • Schwaiger

    Schwaiger is a well-known manufacturer for everything to do with satellite in the home. The company Schwaiger has been in business since 1946 and is experienced in satellite technology. For camping and gardening, Schwaiger offers inexpensive mobile cases camping satellite systems as complete sets.

  • Berger Sat Dish

    We have had portable satellite kits and a classic satellite dish with folding arm produced for several years. With mirrors and a mobile complete set the Berger product range offers them a favourable price with good quality.

  • Alphatronics DVB-T2

    The German manufacturer Alphatronics does not only make a name for itself because of the TV sets and the cooperation with Kathrein Satellite systems. The DVB-T2 antennas from Alphatronics round off the range of camping satellite systems. Because there must also be a place here for DVB-T2 why not! DVB-T2 offers digital reception close to terrestrial transmitters and is an affordable alternative to large automatic satellite systems.

* Camping Sat Systems Manufacturer offered in the Berger Online Shop 2019

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