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Tent Repair

With a tent repair you can save money and hassle. Every now and then it happens that tents or awnings gets caught somewhere and before you know it, there is a tear inside. In this category you will find sewing thread for sewing tents, tent

With a tent repair you can save money and hassle. Every now and then it happens that tents or awnings gets caught somewhere and before you know it, there is a tear inside. In this category you will find sewing thread for sewing tents, tent repair tape for cotton, window film and synthetic tent fabrics. With these tent repair kit essentials, you can make your camping tent as good as new.

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Tent repair - Simply repair tears and holes

Can a tent be repaired?

Absolutely! Mending and sewing a tent is not magic. It can be annoying when you have a nice, firm tent and then you tear a hole in it with a thorn, or a piece of ember burns a hole through the tent wall. Such replacements can be expensive but why throw away a good tent? Here you will find all the tent repair products that you need to mend your camping tent. You can repair your old tent and save money. Tent repair tape seals freshly sewn areas watertight, but can also be used to effectively seal tent seams that have been affected by ageing.

How to Sew a Tent

Whether you're touching up seams or mending a large tear in the tent, you can use a sewing awl to sew even thick fabric or fabric folds. The special sewing thread for tents is stable and can be easily pulled through the tent skin. Large holes or torn out zips can be repaired easily with sewing awl and sewing thread. After sewing the tent, first clean the sewn area, depending on the size, and then treat it with a impregnation agent and/or glue a self-adhesive tent patch.

Tent Pole Repair

Repairing a tent pole is also possible, but it is a little more work. The poles are glued and reinforced with sleeves. Fibreglass poles in particular, which are regularly bent for a tunnel or igloo tent, for example, are subject to material fatigue. Repairing such "tired" tent poles is a bottomless pit.  We offer many different tent poles and tent frames for replacement. Simply replace the broken segment of your tent pole. This will strengthen and repair your tent frame in the long term.

Tent Repair Kit and Tent Patches

Tent patching is made easy with a tent repair kit. For cotton, but also for polyester tent skin or other synthetic materials, there are self-adhesive tent patches and matching fabric adhesives and other means of sealing. The repair kits are of course different for cotton and synthetics. First find out what material your tent is made of! A quick solution in case of a necessary tent repair are repair tapes, this "adhesive tape" is simply stuck over the existing tear and (with suitable materials) immediately seals the hole watertight.

Replacing the Tent Window

Awnings and large camping tents often have tent window ornament foil or transparent film installed. After a few years, the material fatigues and cracks form in the window front. You can buy this clear window film for tent repair online here and order it by the metre. The old tent windows can, with a little manual talent, simply be replaced with the replacement film.

The peg bag often has the material of the groundsheet, the packing bag often that of the tent tarpaulin. So you often have the perfect and matching tent patches in your luggage. Just add fabric glue, sewing awl and tent sewing thread and you've got a handle on holes, tears and other complications around tent repair.
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