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Water & Sanitation

To supply water to connections in the kitchen and bathroom in caravans or mobile homes, the water supply and water installation must be ensured. With the right components for supplying fresh water, drinking water that is hazardous to health
To supply water to connections in the kitchen and bathroom in caravans or mobile homes, the water supply and water installation must be ensured. With the right components for supplying fresh water, drinking water that is hazardous to health and contaminated with germs can be avoided at the campsite or on the road.
In the Berger online shop you will therefore find everything you need for water supply and water installation . These include hoses, fresh water tanks, hose reels, fittings, water pumps, sanitary products, camping toilets and showers. This ensures that the water supply in the caravan and mobile home is always guaranteed without any problems.
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Fresh water supply for drinking water in mobile homes and caravans

A fresh water tank is incredibly important for the water supply in a mobile home or caravan. It ensures that you are not dependent on public water supply points and that you always have sufficient fresh water available. You can find fresh water tanks in various sizes and volumes in the Berger Online Shop.
It is best to use a filling nozzle or funnel for filling so that no water is lost. Funnels are particularly practical as they have versatile applications and can also be used in the kitchen or bathroom. Many funnels are also foldable and can be stored easily.
To ensure that the water supply in the mobile home and caravan functions without problems and that the water filled into the water tank is germ-free the aids used must be food-safe. Water tanks are insensitive to impact and extremely robust. Water tanks can be used as fresh water and waste-water tanks.

Water supply with drinking water

Fresh water canisters are ideal for fresh water and waste water. Canisters with accessories such as a screw cap or pouring spout are particularly practical. A filler hose or coupling for easy connection to the tap can also be useful. This way you can easily fill the water tank.
The fresh water canister is also an easy place to store water if you want to make sure you always have enough drinking water with you. If you need a particularly light fresh water tank, you should choose a plastic model. In addition, plastic tanks are cheap and easy to clean.
If you don't have to pay attention to the weight, a water tank made of stainless steel is also suitable for you. Their smooth surface makes them particularly hygienic. You can find fresh water tanks in all designs from all leading brands such as Berger, Comet, Katadyn and Seat to Summit in the Berger Camping Online Shop.

Fresh water hoses for hot water supply

Hose systems made of PVC or textile fabric can be used outdoors without any problems. Thanks to the special structure, hoses are highly flexible and can be laid in tight radii. Waste-water hoses are extendable to direct the waste water into the sewer or the waste water tank. If the hose is still too short, you can connect as many water hoses as you like using clamps. There are special hose systems for hot water supply which are also suitable for hot water due to a heat-stabilised inner hose. This also supplies hot water to showers in caravans and mobile homes. Hot water hoses are extremely stable and mostly temperature resistant up to 80° C.

Filling the tank with a hose reel

Hose boxes can help to easily fill the fresh water tank in the mobile home and caravan with drinking water. Hose boxes are very compact and easy to transport thanks to a carrying handle. Especially small hose boxes with flexible hoses are good for filling up the water tank, watering the garden or washing the vehicle. In addition, they can be stowed away to save space. Hose reels are mobile and resilient. The length of the hoses varies, and there are also tap connectors for different thread sizes to connect the hose to the tap.

Drinking water disinfection and water treatment

Germs in drinking water can be rendered harmless with UV light. The water disinfection takes place without chemicals. UV light disinfection is particularly suitable for large tanks up to 500 litres capacity. The water in smaller tanks is particularly easy to treat with water additives . Products containing silver ions have proven to be particularly effective here. But filters with ceramic components are also well suited for drinking water disinfection.

Drinking water filters for clean drinking water

Water filters for camping use are available in two different designs: Filters for fixed installation or potable water filters. In the structure the filters hardly differ. The core element is a filter element made of plastic or organic material. The water is pressed through the membrane with the help of the line pressure and arrives filtered and ready to drink in the water tank.

Camping Toilets & Sanitary Supplies

Campers enjoy privacy in their own bathroom when on the road - no matter how modern the sanitary facilities are at many campsites these days. A camping toilet, whether as a chemical toilet or dry toilet, is therefore a permanent travel companion for many campers. Cassette toilets in mobile homes and caravans work with holding tanks. In flush chemical toilets, the business ends up in the waste-holding tank. A fill level indicator shows you when the container needs to be emptied . Before you go camping, find out where you can dispose of the contents of your camping toilet in an environmentally friendly way. The contents of a waste-water tank can often be emptied in sewage treatment plants, at rest stops or at campsites .

Individual waste-holding tank

To collect waste water and faeces on the road, you need a waste-holding tank in the caravan and mobile home. This can be easily emptied with a pump, alternatively it can be transported to the emptying station thanks to practical castors. Don't worry: No unpleasant odour can escape from the waste-holding tank because these tanks are always tightly closed. Additionally used sanitary additives decompose the faeces and prevent the odour from arising in the first place.

High quality fittings

In older mobile homes or caravans, taps will need to be replaced one day. Even when self-equipping a camping vehicle, taps and washbasins are desirable equipment to maximise comfort. Find single-lever mixers, taps, hand showers from well-known manufacturers such as Comet, Reich, Fawo, Dometic and Wenko. The camping water taps are of high quality workmanship and drinking water compliant.
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