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Satellite Systems & Internet

When travelling, the highest attention is usually paid to relaxation and socialising with the people travelling with us. But even on the road with the mobile home you don't have to miss your favourite series and sports programmes on TV.
When travelling, the highest attention is usually paid to relaxation and socialising with the people travelling with us. But even on the road with the mobile home you don't have to miss your favourite series and sports programmes on TV. At Berger Camping you will find high-quality satellite systems for mobile homes from well-known manufacturers such as Ten Haaft GmbH, Megasat and Kathrein.
When you buy a camping satellite system you benefit from numerous advantages such as, for example:
  • large mobility to take along on trips in the mobile home
  • Good reception quality of all popular TV channels
  • High durability in wind and weather
  • easy attachment to the mobile home
  • Low-cost mobile reception solution
  • low dead weight between 7 and 15 kg
  • Various extras such as satellite masts, receivers and cables
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What features should a satellite system for caravans have?

A mobile satellite system should guarantee you the best possible reception when you are travelling with a camper van, even if you are away from a big city in the middle of nature. A complete set with parabolic reflector, cable, receiver and satellite tripod is preferred by many campers. These satellite systems sets are usually available in a practical case.
A good satellite dish should have a diameter between 80 and 100 centimetres so that you can get the strongest possible signal and receive a picture even in bad weather or in deserted areas. If you often travel to different places with your mobile home, use a Sat-Finder to save time when aligning and setting up the satellite system and to find the channels quickly.
Good satellite systems for mobile homes must be easy to attach and have a firm stand . With the appropriate satellite tripods and masts you can safely place the satellite dish on the roof of the mobile home. Alternatively, there are satellite antennas that you can attach with a suction pad .
A modern variant to the classic satellite dish are satellite antennas. The flat antenna convinces with quick installation even on door handles or windows. The dome antenna finds the satellite and thus your favourite programme at the touch of a button in a few minutes .
Tip: With the right satellite accessories you don't have to miss your favourite TV series when camping.

Which satellite system is the right one?

If you have decided to buy a model from Berger Camping, you should pay attention to your travel habits when selecting the mobile satellite antenna .
Do you spend your holiday with the caravan on a campsite and have a permanent location there? In this case, fully automatic products with receiver, cable and satellite stand are the optimal solution. The complete sets are usually conveniently packed in a case and can be installed quickly. The relatively small satellite dish is sufficient to have good reception on the campsite.
Are you one of those travel-loving campers who rarely stay longer than a few days in one location with their mobile home? For this purpose, mobile satellite systems such as a modern flat antenna or a dome antenna are suitable. The models have a low own weight usually less than 10 kg and are ready to receive in just a few steps.
By the way: With a Sat-Finder you can find your favourite channels faster when you are on the move.

Advantages of our camping satellite systems

The large selection for mobile homes at Berger Camping includes well-known and high-quality brands such as Megasat, Berger, Kathrein and Ten Haaft. The high-quality models are available as modern flat antennas, as classic satellite dishes and as fully equipped satellite systems for mobile homes. So you can enjoy your favourite show even on the campsite.
The mobile satellite antennas convince with light weight and easy installation. With the right satellite accessories such as receiver, cable or satellite finder you don't have to miss out on the TV programme when travelling with your mobile home.
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