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Awnings Tents

You can order a huge selection of awnings for mobile homes, caravans and campers here in the Berger Shop. Discover inflatable awnings, so-called air awnings and awning models with steel, aluminium or fibreglass frames. Buy your robust

You can order a huge selection of awnings for mobile homes, caravans and campers here in the Berger Shop. Discover inflatable awnings, so-called air awnings and awning models with steel, aluminium or fibreglass frames. Buy your robust winter awning, all-season awning, partial awning or awning here. You want to get a brand overview? Then just press the button:

Learn more...

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Buying an awning made easy - in the Berger Shop

You would like to purchase an awning tent ? Then get an overview here in the category overview Awning. Whether you're looking for an awning for your mobile home, caravan, camper van or smaller for off-road vehicles and minicampers, we're sure to have the right awning for you. The following awnings are on offer for you:

What does each awning brand stand for?

Haven't you often wondered why there are so many brands? It’s difficult to keep the overview! Here we try to shed some light on the darkness of the awning jungle. Especially in the awning sector, different brands stand for different philosophies. On the one hand, there are the robust all-season awnings that, once erected, sometimes stay in one place for years. Then there are the sturdy winter awnings that can withstand snow loads. But the travel awning also has its place, quickly erected, made of lightweight materials, this awning is the perfect holiday companion in warmer regions.  

  • DWT Awnings
    DWT supplies a wide range of very high quality awnings for pretty much every aspect of mobile life. Whether it's a travel awning or a camper awning, with DWT you're buying a luxury class tent.
  • Outwell Awning
    With an Outwell awning, you're choosing good travel awnings that stand out for their lightweight materials and well thought-out construction.
  • Brand Awnings
    Among other things, the Brand company serves the spectrum of all-season awnings. Heavier, stable materials are used here. Because once erected, a Brand awning should also stand for a while!
  • Westfield awning With the Westfield awning we have returned to lightweight travel awnings. The Westfield tents are characterised by their small pack size and easy pitching.
  • Berger Camping Awning
    With the Berger brand, you are buying an awning that offers great quality at a great price. Whether it's a seasonal awning or a bus tent, at Berger you're sure to find the right one at a compatible price.
  • Campistar
    Campistar is a small manufacturer with very affordable tents. With Campistar you buy a small partial tent, for example to store a table and chair.  

Awning Canopies

Somehow they also belong to the awning family. Awning Canopies are connected to the existing awning by clip or zip fastener. Whether you choose the inexpensive Wigo awning, a Thule awning, a Perfect Room from Dometic or a Privacy Room from Fiamma depends mainly on the awning that is attached.

More space in the awning with bay window

If you already have an awning, you can expand your space with a bay window extension on certain models. Awning bays are usually used for long-term caravan awnings, such as all-season or winter awnings. The manufacturers dwt and brand offer some awnings in their model range that can have a bay window attached. The extensions are supplied with poles and are firmly connected to the rest of the awning.

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