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Caravan Mirrors

When the vacation season comes, real campers usually prepare early for the trip with the camper. After all, everyone wants to arrive safely at the campsite or destination. In addition to checking the general condition of the camper, as a
When the vacation season comes, real campers usually prepare early for the trip with the camper. After all, everyone wants to arrive safely at the campsite or destination. In addition to checking the general condition of the camper, as a camper owner you should also check and properly adjust the rear view mirrors. What many do not know, a caravan mirror is not only a nice additional part, but under certain conditions even mandatory.
At Berger Camping you will find in the category Caravan and motorhome accessories a large selection of caravan mirrors for your mobile home, in addition you benefit from:
  • well-known brands such as Emuk, Haba, Hagus and Reich
  • different models such as universal mirror, blind spot mirror, twin pack
  • high quality and weatherproof material
  • caravan mirrors with theft protection
  • accessories like mirror brackets and spare mirror heads
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Caravan mirrors: Is the attachment of additional mirrors mandatory?

In principle, the Road Traffic Regulations (StVZO) regulate when the attachment of a caravan mirror is necessary. Under certain conditions, however, wing mirrors must be attached to the caravan, for example, if the caravan is wider than the towing vehicle. In order to guarantee you a clear view, the mirror extensions must be vibration-free and securely attached to the vehicle.
If no additional wing mirror is attached to your motorhome, you will lack rearward visibility and overtaking and lane changes can be really dangerous. Without proper caravan mirrors even when turning right, accidents with cyclists or pedestrians can quickly occur. If you want to drive onto the motorway or take the next exit without fitting an additional mirror you will definitely start sweating, because without universal mirrors you cannot see whether the lane next to you is really free.
Tip: With the right care and cleaning products for caravan mirrors, you will always have an overview.

What are the characteristics of high-quality caravan wing mirrors?

At Berger Camping, there is a large selection of caravan mirrors, such as from the popular brand Emuk. The caravan wing mirrors give you an optimal rear and side view, so you can see exactly what's going on behind and beside you - even with a wide caravan. The precision-fit mirror extensions are universal and can therefore be easily and securely clamped to the vehicle. They also have low vibration. A foam inside the metal bracket protects the exterior mirror from damage.
A good motorhome mirror can be individually adjusted so that you as the driver always have an overview of the road. In addition to providing a wide field of vision, exterior mirrors are also designed to reduce blind spots so you arrive at the campsite safely and accident-free. The mirror spread for caravans is theft-proof and made of a material resistant to corrosion and weathering. And so that the caravan mirror also matches the vehicle exterior mirrors can be produced in the car colour on request.
Tip: At Berger Camping you will also find useful items for the vehicle interior and the driver's cab.

Universal mirrors for motorhomes: What accessories are available?

When buying a caravan mirror, you not only have numerous brand manufacturers such as Emuk, Haba and Reich to choose from. You can also choose between different models such as pop-up mirrors, universal mirrors or twin packs. The additional caravan mirrors usually have a corresponding bracket that you can attach securely and firmly to the vehicle. Many motorhome mirrors can be clamped or unclamped and are absolutely vibration-free.
However, a good exterior mirror is by no means enough to ensure that you always have a good view. That's why you'll also find the right care and cleaning products for caravan mirrors at Berger Camping. In particular, stubborn pollen dust, blossoms or mud impair the view in the rear-view mirror, which in turn can lead to accidents. If the additional mirrors are properly cleaned, you have the best possible all-round view when driving the motor home and parking the mobile home is also much easier with optimal visibility.
Whether mandatory or not - with a wing mirror for your motorhome you not only see what is happening on the road in front of and next to you, you are safer on the road and arrive accident-free at the campsite or vacation destination.
By the way: With manoeuvring aids reversing and parking with the motorhome becomes even easier.
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