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Lightweight & Trekking Tents

A real backpacker loves nature and being in the middle of meadows, forests and lakes. However, to ensure that the outdoor sleeping place is also comfortable, hikers need a high-quality camping tent . For hiking tours in nature, trekking
A real backpacker loves nature and being in the middle of meadows, forests and lakes. However, to ensure that the outdoor sleeping place is also comfortable, hikers need a high-quality camping tent. For hiking tours in nature, trekking tents are suitable, as they are particularly compact and light in weight and can therefore be carried in a rucksack to save space.
At Berger Camping you will find a large selection of camping tents for singles, couples or families, and you will also benefit from:
  • Well-known brands such as Outwell, Vango, Berger and Mountain Guide
  • Different models such as tunnel tents, family tents and dome tents
  • Robust and weather-resistant material
  • Plenty of space and storage
  • Simple and quick assembly
  • Low own weight between approx. 2.5 and 3.5 kg depending on model
  • Friendly pack size for easy transport
  • Accessories such as all-purpose tarpaulins, tent rugs or awnings
Learn more...

What is a Trekking Pole Tent?

A trekking tent, which is also known as a backpacking tent, is one that can be easily carried in a backpack. These tents have a low weight, which is between 2.5 and 3.5 kg depending on the model. It is also a tent with a small pack size that can be folded compactly and stowed in a rucksack to save space .
At Berger Camping you will find trekking tents for singles, for 2 people or for several people. If you are planning a trip into nature with family or friends, spacious trekking tents for 4 people are especially comfortable. The large tents offer you enough space and plenty of storage space for your trekking gear.
If you are camping in the great outdoors, you need reliable protection from wind and weather. Trekking tents are therefore made of a weather-resistant and robust material that protects you from wet, wind and cold weather. In addition, the tent is made of a breathable fabric so that the heat does not accumulate too much inside on sunny days.
Tip: With the right tent accessories nothing stands in the way of your next trekking trip.

What is the best trekking pole tent?

The trekking tent is an all-rounder and is available in different versions:

  1. Tunnel tent If you need a lot of space and want to sleep with several people in one tent, you should go for a tunnel tent. Tunnel tents consist of several pole arches that have to be assembled into a tunnel in just a few steps so that the tent stands stably.
  2. A Dome tent has two poles that cross over the centre of the tent to provide stability. No guy ropes are necessary for this type of tent and it is therefore quite simple and uncomplicated to erect.
  3. Pop-Up tent Another variant for trekking tours are so-called pop-Up tents, which even camping novices can set up and take down quickly. However, the packing volume of these tents is larger, so backpackers usually do not opt for this model.
Tip: With the right accessories for tent repair your tent will always stand perfectly.

What is the best lightweight backpacking tent?

The decisive advantages of a trekking tent are the light weight and the mall pack size. However, many trekking enthusiasts wonder whether a lightweight tent is as convincing in quality and durability as other camping tents.
The material of trekking tents is usually made of nylon or polyester and is therefore extremely durable and can withstand any camping weather. The manufacturers of lightweight tents for cycling tours always make sure that the outdoor tents are in no way inferior to the large models in terms of comfort and quality.
By the way: The trekking tent is perfect as a tent for motorbike trips.

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