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Coffee Machines & Electric Kettles

It is impossible to imagine a modern camper household without a 12 V coffee machine or at least a camping kettle. At Berger Camping we offer a wide range of camping coffee machines, kettles and coffee makers. 12 V kettles have all the

It is impossible to imagine a modern camper household without a 12 V coffee machine or at least a camping kettle. At Berger Camping we offer a wide range of camping coffee machines, kettles and coffee makers. 12 V kettles have all the features of a normal kettle, but are smaller and easier to handle, making them more suitable for travelling.

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12 V coffee machine
- the camping coffee machine for caravan, mobile home and boat

12 V coffee machines are great, but if you have a 230 volt connection in your mobile home or caravan, a camping coffee machine is a good idea. Because travel coffee machines with a 230 volt connection are smaller and lighter than conventional coffee machines and require lower starting currents. This should keep your camper's fuse in place when making coffee. If a 12-volt connection is available, as in a truck, car or boat, you can also order a 12-volt coffee machine. 12 V coffee machines are relatively slow, but prepare their coffee while driving.

The Camping Coffee Machine 12 V or 230 V

The small coffee machines with 12 V or 230 V for camping and more are a really nice addition to your travel equipment. Because 12 V and 230 V coffee machines have the following advantages:

  • The 12 V coffee machine shines with its operation while driving (only by the passenger, of course) at the 12 V socket.
  • With its low start-up current, the 230 V camping coffee maker is easy on the mobile and mains power grids.
  • Both camping coffee machines are very light 

12 volt kettle - hot water from the 12 V socket

The kettles with 12 V connection are particularly suitable for campers who travel by car, camper van or caravan, as the 12 V kettles are connected in the cigarette lighter socket. Of course, heating the water takes a little longer than in a conventional kettle. Just like the 12 V coffee machine, the 12 V camping kettle also heats the water while driving. With a little practice, you can switch on your camping coffee machine so that the next time you need a break, you'll immediately have coffee or hot water for tea or a hot cup of broth.

Camping coffee machines and camping kettles

Whether it's a 12 V kettle or a 230 V camping coffee machine, the fuses of your mobile and those on the campsite will thank you! The camping units are designed to cope with weakly fused power grids. The high starting currents of conventional household coffee machines and espresso machines can put you and your neighbourhood out of power at the campsite. Be prepared with a camping coffee machine or a 12 V kettle and make your coffee, tea or grog whenever and wherever you want. 

Camping Kettle - The advantages

In a stainless steel camping kettle, the water gets hot quickly, but you have to make concessions compared to the usual household appliance.

  • The travel kettles here in the shop are very robust and rustproof.
  • Camping kettles are easy to clean.
  • Mini kettles for camping have a very low weight 

The Travel Kettle

A practical alternative to the travel kettle is the kettle. This is because the popular silicone kettle models can be folded to save space. These camping kettles are heated on the hob or gas cooker (please do not turn up the flame too high!). The stainless steel base of the kettle ensures optimal heat distribution.

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