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Camping Chairs

Feel comfortable as on the couch at home, whether for the day trip, fishing or for the vacation with your mobile home. Camping chairs from Berger Camping are easy to store and you will find space in almost every corner. From flat folding
Feel comfortable as on the couch at home, whether for the day trip, fishing or for the vacation with your mobile home. Camping chairs from Berger Camping are easy to store and you will find space in almost every corner. From flat folding and collapsible chairs to compact stools and recliners you will find your perfect companion here. Almost all models hold loads of up to 200 kg. At the same time, the camping chairs themselves are comparatively light and usually weigh only between two and five kilograms. Profit with us:
  • Easy assembly in a few seconds
  • Low own weight (2 to 5 kg)
  • Loads up to 200 kg
  • Robust frame (aluminium or steel)
  • Water-repellent, UV-resistant cover material
  • Space-saving storage
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How much load does a camping chair carry?

So that everyone can take a seat and sit comfortably on a camping chair, the camping chairs at Berger Camping are particularly sturdily built. Most folding and collapsible chairs have a load capacity of up to 120 kg. The XXL-format versions can carry a weight of up to 200 kg and offer safe seating comfort on camping holidays.
Tip: In our product descriptions you will find precise information on the load capacity.

Which camping chairs are suitable for the caravan?

Folding camping chairs are a popular choice for travelling with a camper van. The Folding Chair offers you a high level of seating comfort and its look is reminiscent of conventional chairs for the garden or terrace. In addition, the Folding Chair scores with its mostly adjustable backrest, with which you can individually adjust your desired sitting position. Note that there are two versions:

  1. The folding camping chair as a high-back chair offers you pure comfort - the particularly long backrest is ideal for leaning your head back while sitting.
  2. The low-back camping chairs may not have a headrest, but they have a smaller pack size.

You can fold the folding chairs from Berger Camping quickly and easily to a practical size and thus stow them in any corner of the motorhome, no matter how small. As the models are usually made of high-quality aluminium, the weight of the camping chairs is particularly light, making them easy to transport.
Tip: With the right terry cloth covers the chairs become even more comfortable!

Which chairs are the best choice for camping?

If you are looking for the right camping chair for camping, we recommend the practical folding chair. The folding camping chairs have a low weight (max. 5 kilograms). In addition, thanks to packing dimensions of only 55 x 15 centimetres in some cases, they can be easily stowed in camping tents or in the boot. You can set up the folding chair in just a few steps and immediately enjoy high seating comfort.
In the selection of folding chairs, director’s chairs and folding stools you can find versions with leg rest or with an integrated cup holder. When the camping holiday is over, the folding chair can be folded up quickly and stored in the packing bag provided.
By the way: The folding camping chair is also popular as fishing chair or for Festival visits .

Comfortable folding chairs and custom-fit children's camping chairs

The folding chair is for all those who are looking for the ultimate in camping: With cushions in the backrest as well as in the head area and an optional leg rest. Sit comfortably at the camping table or put your feet up like on a camping lounger to relax in the sun. For that little bit of extra comfort: many models have adjustable backrests and are equipped with armrests.
For the little campers, the children's camping chairs and camping high chairs are a big highlight: with a low seat of approx. 25 cm, meals or play afternoons at the camping table are no problem. The camping chairs for children are available in cheerful colours and offer just as much seating comfort as the models for adults. Children's camping chairs are usually made of ultra-light aluminium and weigh less than two kilograms so that little campers can carry their chair themselves.

Advantages of our camping chairs

Depending on the model, the camping chairs only weigh between two and five kilograms. They are therefore significantly lighter than classic garden chairs. In addition, the folding chairs can be folded into a compact size in a few easy steps and fit perfectly into the motorhome or the car.
Further plus points: With a sturdy construction, the camping chairs offer ideal seating comfort and, depending on the model, a high load capacity of around 100 to 250 kg. The high-quality material of the camping chairs does not fade in sunlight thanks to UV protection and is also water-repellent and quick-drying.
Berger camping chairs turn excursions with the motorhome or stays at the campsite into a feel-good experience: relax in the comfortable folding chair or enjoy maximum seating comfort in the folding chair. Lightweight and transportable, our models from our own collection as well as from renowned manufacturers convince with quality and stability.

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