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Protective Covers & Tarpaulins

After camping or for winter storage the motorhome belongs under a protected shelter or in the garage. This protects the mobile home from the weather , dirt and damage. If you do not have a shelter available, protective covers and
After camping or for winter storage the motorhome belongs under a protected shelter or in the garage. This protects the mobile home from the weather, dirt and damage. If you do not have a shelter available, protective covers and tarpaulins are ideal to protect the caravan from dirt and premature ageing.
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How camper van tarpaulins protect against light, cold, heat and dirt

UV light as well as frosty cold will cause the temperature in the vehicle to rise or fall. With an insulated thermal mat you have year-round protection against cold and heat. This means that the room temperature in your mobile home always remains pleasant. Using suction pads you can simply attach the protective cover for the Fiat Ducato to the thoroughly cleaned windscreen and achieve effective protection. Alternatively, there are practical thermal films with aluminium coating on both sides.
The various protective covers and tarpaulins from Berger Camping are suitable as protection against dirt and premature ageing of the motorhome. Protect individual areas from damage with a drawbar cover or a wheel protection cover or use a caravan protection cover to give your vehicle all-round protection. Caravan tarpaulins are also perfect light protection and ideal for mothballing.
Tip: Protect the interior of the caravan with, for example, seat protectors.

How to winterise your motorhome

With a winter tarpaulin you can prepare your motorhome for the frosty days of the year - here's how:
  1. Use the right cleaning and care products to clean the underbody and body thoroughly. Use a varnish with liquid wax or a polishing machine to remove stubborn stains on the roof. For rubber seals on windows and doors, use only suitable cleaning agents to remove stains.
  2. Keep the interior of the motorhome tidy and dispose of food, store textiles in a dry place, open wall cupboards for ventilation and fit seat protectors.
  3. Empty the water tank as well as the grey water tank and thoroughly clean and desinfect the camping toilet with the right sanitary accessories.
  4. Don't forget to check batteries recharge batteries, disconnect gas and relieve tyres by increasing air pressure. In addition, fill up the motorhome with petrol.
  5. Attach a caravan tarpaulin as a winter cover. Ready!
By the way: Furniture such as upholstered camping beds also need a protective cover.

Advantages of our protective covers and tarpaulins

With the protective covers and tarpaulins from Berger you make your camper winter-proof and protect the vehicle from dirt and damage. The caravan tarpaulins are an inexpensive alternative if you don't have a garage or a shelter.
Furthermore, the protective covers score points with their easy attachment and they can be stored in a space-saving manner. With different versions and sizes you will find the right protection for your purposes - as light protection, as thermal mat or as winter tarpaulin.

At Berger you will find a large selection of protective covers and tarpaulins for motorhomes, bicycles or motorbikes. You benefit from the following advantages:
  • Well-known brands such as Hindermann and Berger
  • Complete caravan covers, thermal mats, wheel arch covers, windscreen covers, seat protectors
  • Cost-effective alternative to carports or garages
  • Optimum protection against weather, dirt and damage
  • Simple installation in just a few steps
  • Small pack size and therefore space-saving to store

Thermal mats for caravans

A thermal mat for your motorhome is a must for every camping holiday, as it can serve as protection all year round. In winter, a thermal mat protects against heat loss in your motorhome and in summer it prevents it from heating up too much. This way you can ensure a comfortable room temperature in any weather.

Do it yourself Kit

You can cut a do-it-yourself thermal mat to suit your needs and don't have to search for a thermal mat that is adapted to your motorhome.

Interior insulation mat and exterior insulation mats

Fitting an interior insulating mat is very easy and is usually done with suction pads, which means you don't have to disfigure your motorhome with hooks. In order to achieve an optimal hold, the windscreen and the rubber suction cups should be thoroughly cleaned beforehand. The interior insulation mats are available for a Fiat Ducato, VV T5/ T4, Ford Transit, Mercedes Vito/ Viano, Renault Master or an Iveco Daily.
Fitting an exterior insulation mat is also very easy. All you have to do is hook the mats into the door edges and tighten them.
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