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Camping Stoves

A gas stove must not be missing from camping equipment so that you don't have to do without hot meals or hot breakfast coffee when camping or on excursions in the countryside. At Berger Camping you will find two-burner gas stoves for
A gas stove must not be missing from camping equipment so that you don't have to do without hot meals or hot breakfast coffee when camping or on excursions in the countryside. At Berger Camping you will find two-burner gas stoves for longer stays at the campsite or practical cartridge cookers for trekking tours with your backpack.
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The camping stoves are from well-known brands such as HPV, Petromax and Enders. With us you benefit from:

  • a large selection of high-quality camping stoves
  • Gas stoves with different fuels (cartridge cooker, spirit cooker, petrol cooker)
  • Low weight (cartridge cooker under 500 g)
  • Simple operation, space-saving storage

Cartridge cooker for trekking tours and travelling with a backpack

The compact gas cartridge cookers are among the most popular models among hikers and backpackers, as they are easy and safe to use and at the same time low-maintenance and easy to clean . Stoves with gas cartridges and a flame are ideal for trekking tours, as they also score points for their low weight of less than 500 g and can be stored in a particularly space-saving way in the backpack.
To light the flame on the gas camping stove, a lighter or matches are sufficient. Alternatively, there are models with a practical Piezo ignition, with which the flame on the gas stove is ignited simply by pressing a button.
Tip: In our shop you will find suitable barbecue accessories and fuels.

Gas stoves for camping and festivals

For a longer stay at the campsite or when visiting a festival, the weight and size of a camping cooker are rather secondary. If you also want to cook for several people outdoors, 2-flame gas stoves or 3-burner models are the best choice. The appliances have several cooking spots which are usually built into a sturdy casing with a practical hinged cover for optimum wind protection .
A multi-fuel stoves from Berger Camping convinces with its flexible choice of fuel. Especially when travelling to distant countries, it can happen that no gas cartridges are available. The existing fuel bottle on the multi-fuel cooker can be filled with spirit or petrol and the models are ready for use even at high altitudes without any problems. A two-burner petrol cooker or a spirit cooker is ideal for preparing elaborate meals when hunger strikes.
Tip: With the right cooking utensils the camping kitchen becomes a professional kitchen.

Camping stoves without gas

At Berger Camping you can also find camping stoves without gas. A camping oven or a rocket oven is suitable for all campers and nature lovers who want to cook with natural energy sources. Camping stoves use wood, coal or briquettes as fuel. As the models have a higher weight of around 6.5 kg these are more suitable for longer stays at the campsite rather than for short trips with the backpack.
Unlike camping stoves with gas cartridges, camping ovens with natural fuels produce no waste and are therefore particularly environmentally friendly. If you decide to use a classic gas stove, you should always dispose of your waste properly for the sake of the environment and your fellow human beings.
By the way: Camping and cooking is even easier with the right camping table.

Advantages of our gas camping stoves

With the high-quality gas camping stoves from Berger Camping you won't go hungry when camping: For backpacking or trekking, the lightweight and space-saving 1-burner gas stoves can be used to prepare hot food and drinks. For a longer stay at the campsite, two-burner gas stoves are suitable for cooking elaborate meals for several people.
The robust camping stoves are available in stainless steel or high-quality plastic, they are particularly easy to use and maintain and a must-have in every camping kitchen.
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