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Plastic & Melamine Tableware

Breakfast together or sociable barbecue evenings are sometimes the highlight of any camping holiday. So that you don't have to take the expensive and fragile ceramic tableware from home, there is a special camping tableware . Mostly

Breakfast together or sociable barbecue evenings are sometimes the highlight of any camping holiday. So that you don't have to take the expensive and fragile ceramic tableware from home, there is a special camping tableware. Mostly made of plastic, synthetic material or melamine, the cookware is "unbreakable" and particularly light and therefore perfect for trips with the camper van or for holidays on the campsite.
At Berger Camping you will find camping plates and cups as well as practical camping tableware sets made of high-quality melamine for several people. Profit from:

  • high quality of the tableware
  • Resistant and unbreakable materials
  • low dead weight
  • Dishwasher-safe plastic tableware
  • Space-saving melamine tableware sets
  • Timeless and colourful design
Learn more...

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Camping Cooking Utensils: What materials are available and what are the advantages?

When camping on a campsite, the weight of camping household items plays an important role. Plates, cutlery and gas cookers must be transported in the caravan or car. High-quality cookware is therefore usually available as lightweight plastic or plastic cookware. The Berger Camping melamine tableware also impresses with its high stability and is extremely durable.
A stainless steel camping set is ideal for travelling with a camper van. The robust tableware has a pleasant weight and can be stored in a space-saving way. In addition, tableware sets made of plastic, melamine or stainless steel are usually suitable for the dishwasher and therefore particularly easy to clean.
Tip: With a camping stove you can enjoy hot food on the go.

Melamine camping tableware: Why is plastic tableware so popular?

Camping cookware should meet various criteria so that preparing meals such as breakfast, lunch and dinner at the campsite is as pleasant as possible for you. The plastic and melamine tableware meets the demands of a real camper:
The cookware has a low own weight and is therefore ideal for taking along in the car or caravan. The camping plates and cups are also indestructible and particularly durable, so you can enjoy the tableware for a long time. And because the material is dishwasher-safe and food-safe, it is particularly easy and quick to clean.
Other advantages of the melamine tableware are the small diameter and the removable handles, so that you can store the plastic tableware in a space-saving way and even take it with you in your backpack. Camping tableware is available as practical individual items in the form of cups and plates as well as tableware sets in timeless colours or in modern and colourful designs.
Tip: The matching camping cutlery must not be missing at the barbecue on the campsite.

Melamine camping tableware sets for several people

For a camping holiday with the whole family, there are practical camping tableware sets for 4 people or more. With dinner and dessert plates as well as mugs and cereal bowls, your camping kitchen is optimally equipped with a melamine tableware set. So nothing stands in the way of meals together with the whole family. With matching melamine cutlery, you can also set the camping table in a visually appealing way, making it the perfect host for family and friends.
To make sure your camping cooking is a success, at Berger Camping you'll find not only camping tableware made of plastic and melamine, but also a large selection of useful everyday helpers for the camping kitchen that simplify the preparation of meals when travelling with your camper van. These include plastic salad servers, stainless steel kitchen knives or plastic chopping boards. With heat-resistant pots and pans that can be stored in a particularly space-saving way, you can cook like a pro even when you're on the road.
By the way: Our clever containers keep the camping kitchen tidy. 

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