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Cooking Utensils

If you want to eat more than just packet soups or canned ravioli when travelling by mobile home or camping at a campsite and offer it to your guests, you should have a certain selection of cooking utensils on board, such as camping

If you want to eat more than just packet soups or canned ravioli when travelling by mobile home or camping at a campsite and offer it to your guests, you should have a certain selection of cooking utensils on board, such as camping utensils, cutting boards and of course a can opener.
At Berger Camping you will find in the category Household an extensive range of household appliances and cooking utensils for camping, plus you benefit from:

  • well-known brands such as Steuber, koziol, Metaltext and Outwell
  • Various products such as camping cookers, kitchen gadgets and spice boxes
  • useful accessories for sorting or cleaning


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Camping Cooking Utensils: What should not be missing in any outdoor kitchen?

Cooking on the campsite is fun, and eating together with family and friends in the open air is even more so. With a good cookbook and the right kitchen accessories in the outdoor kitchen, you can also prepare and enjoy numerous meals while travelling.
Without a camping stove or barbecue nothing works in the camping kitchen. As charcoal barbecues are banned on some campsites, you should opt for a gas barbecue or cooker. When choosing pots and pans, a small pot for boiling water, a large pot for pasta and co. and a pan for meat, fish and vegetables are sufficient. A spatula can be used to prepare scrambled eggs for breakfast and barbecue tongs are a must for barbecues.
To cook camping, you need practical kitchen gadgets like chopping boards, knife sets, measuring cups and multi-openers. The cooking utensils for camping are usually robust and rustproof, so that they meet the high demands of outdoor use. If you don't want to do without your beloved coffee or tea in the morning, a teapot, coffee filter and thermos flask or mug should be part of your camping equipment.
Tip: With the right camping tableware food on the campsite tastes like at home.

Kitchen gadgets when travelling in a mobile home: Which camping tableware is suitable?

In order to enjoy your home-cooked meal on the campsite, you need suitable and indestructible camping tableware. At Berger Camping you will find high-quality melamine tableware, tableware sets made of plastic or aluminium. The plates, cups and co are made of a shatter-proof and lightweight material - perfect for travelling with the camper van. With the appropriate care products, the camping tableware is also particularly easy to clean.
A camping cutlery set is of course also part of every outdoor kitchen. To match the camping tableware, there are high-quality knives, forks and spoons made of robust materials such as melamine, stainless steel or plastic. Like all cooking utensils for camping, the outdoor cutlery is lightweight so you can easily store and transport it - even when you're backpacking through the wilderness.
Tip: Enjoy your meals together with family and friends at a high-quality camping table.

Cooking utensils for the campsite: How does food stay fresh?

A real camper doesn't just have tins of food stashed in his pantry - grilled meat, fresh vegetables, fruit, dairy products and eggs are foods that have long been standard in outdoor kitchens. To keep food fresh for as long as possible, you need the right coolers and a camping fridge.
Furthermore, no camping kitchen should be without bowls and fresh-keeping boxes made of glass, stainless steel or plastic with a lockable lid. This gives you the opportunity to store breakfast cold cuts or to protect vegetables, pasta and meat from the previous day and enjoy them the next day. Well then, bon appétit.
By the way: Containers in all sizes and shapes can be found at Berger Camping. 

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