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Camping Grills

Barbecuing is an indispensable part of the holiday for many campers. Berger Camping offers you numerous camping barbecues from top brands and unbeatable quality. With the right camping barbecue from Cramer, Cadac , Cobb or Campingaz, you
Barbecuing is an indispensable part of the holiday for many campers. Berger Camping offers you numerous camping barbecues from top brands and unbeatable quality. With the right camping barbecue from Cramer, Cadac, Cobb or Campingaz, you buy camping equipment that has been tested in practice. Whether it's a camping gas barbecue for quick enjoyment or a charcoal barbecue to give the food a smoky, spicy aroma - you'll find it here.
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The camping barbecue - compact and versatile

Berger Camping has the right camping barbecue for every purpose. The compact Safari Chef barbecue by CADAC fits easily into a backpack and is perfect as a barbecue for hiking or trekking. But discerning connoisseurs also get their money's worth. The Cobb Grill Premier is a portable barbecue that can be used for grilling, baking or cooking in a wok. And because this camping barbecue can be operated with gas cartridges or briquettes, there are no annoying clouds of smoke in your camping kitchen.

Wide range of camping barbecues

Like stationary barbecues in the garden, a camping barbecue for on the road can be constructed in different ways. In addition to the operating modes, gas, charcoal or lava stone, a distinction is also made between the following types of barbecues:

  • Folding Barbecue or Collapsible Barbecue
  • Portable Barbecue
  • Tabletop Barbecue
  • Cartridge Barbecue
  • Multifunctional Barbecue

Charcoal barbecue or Gas barbecue for camping?

Many types of barbecue are available as camping gas barbecues or camping charcoal barbecues, depending on your preference. The gas barbecue is more common on campsites because it has a number of advantages. This means that the camping barbecue with gas can be quickly brought up to temperature and the food is quickly ready for consumption. In addition, there is less work to do after the barbecue, because there is no need to wait until the coals have burnt out. Moreover, no ash is produced that needs to be disposed of safely. However, a large gas bottle with a pressure regulator is required to use most gas barbecues. Not surprisingly, this camping barbecue is often used by mobile home and caravan campers who have enough space to store gas bottles.

However, all the arguments in favour of the gas barbecue won't help if the barbecue fan prefers the archaic idiosyncrasy of the charcoal barbecue. Preparing food over open embers has always been fun for people and many campers swear by the distinctive taste. But beware: Especially at campsites in Southern Europe, the use of a travel barbecue with charcoal is forbidden due to the risk of fire, so it is better to inform yourself in advance! Or you can simply use a gas barbecue or the Cobb Grill Premier, which can be heated up with briquettes or cartridges.

Folding barbecue or tabletop barbecue? The right model for every need!

The folding barbecue is used purely as a charcoal barbecue and is characterised by its thinness. When folded, this camping barbecue can be transported without any problems and is very suitable for tent holidaymakers. A great fact: Despite its low height, a good draught is ensured, allowing the charcoal to reach the optimum barbecue temperature. To ensure that the folding barbecue lasts as long as possible, only buy a model made of stainless steel, such as the picnic barbecue from the Berger Camping online shop.

Very common among campers is the portable barbecue. This camping barbecue combines many important features that a mobile barbecue should have. It is compact, powerful and has a large grilling surface. The burners, grill grate and feet are housed in the case, which also forms the outer casing of the portable barbecue.

In the case of the portable gas barbecue, the burners are placed above the grate so that the heat cooks the food from above. The additional hot plate above the burners even allows grilling and cooking at the same time. This makes the opulent feast a reality in the camping kitchen too. With the 3-burner gas barbecue, Berger Camping offers campers a portable barbecue that optimally combines price and performance and can be transported in a case with a practical carrying handle. A portable barbecue of this type is connected to a gas bottle or vehicle, with a pressure of 30 mbar or 50 mbar, depending on how the nozzles are equipped.

The table barbecue is not only popular as a camping barbecue, but is also often used for barbecuing in the home garden. You can choose between a tabletop gas barbecue or a charcoal version. This all-rounder is quickly ready and the barbecue fun can begin: Simply unfold and off you go! The tabletop gas barbecue is often available in a practical combination as a camping barbecue and camping stove. However, while an electric tabletop barbecue is often used at the home table, the tabletop gas barbecue is particularly popular with campers. A charcoal tabletop barbecue is used less often. The gas-powered tabletop barbecue offers several advantages

  • Direct connection to external gas socket possible
  •  Easier to clean
  • Quickly ready for use
  • No ashes
  • Precise regulation of the heat supply


The cartridge barbecue is known to be particularly light and practical. With this small camping gas barbecue, the gas cartridge is screwed directly onto the barbecue. Due to the small and light cartridge, the output is lower than with comparable models that are operated with a large gas cylinder. The size of the grill surface is therefore exactly tailored to the performance of the outdoor barbecue and is ideally suited for preparing food for several people. The big advantage: There is no need to carry a heavy and bulky gas cylinder. This makes this camping barbecue ideal for transporting in a small car or in a backpack on a bike tour. Campingaz in particular has made a name for itself among campers as a manufacturer of cartridge barbecues and offers the Campingaz Party Grill, a compact model that is perfect for small barbecues.

The deluxe solution for the campsite is the multifunctional barbecue. Anyone who uses this camping barbecue can cover the entire range of cooking methods, so that even the preparation of pizza or a chicken is no problem. The travel barbecue is gas-powered and is mainly used by owners of camping vehicles because of its larger pack size. A worthy representative of this type is the Cadac Carry Chef 2, which has the right grill insert for every type of preparation. And thanks to the practical lid, indirect grilling is also possible in addition to direct grilling.

Numerous barbecue accessories such as barbecue cutlery, fish roasters and, of course, gas cylinders and cartridges are available to buy online.

No matter which barbecue you choose, with a camping barbecue from Berger Camping you'll be well catered for when camping!

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