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ATC Trail Control Anti-Skid System to 1600 kgATC Trail Control Anti-Skid System to 2000 kgATC Trail Control Anti-Skid System to 2500 kgAL-KO ATC anti-skid system Trailer Control for caravan tandem axles

519,- €
Prices incl. statutory VAT, free shipping
Item number: 238730
until now 817,- €
729,- €
Prices incl. statutory VAT, free shipping
Item number: 238740
RRP 817,- €
699,- €
Prices incl. statutory VAT, free shipping
Item number: 195160
until now 769,- €
659,- €
Prices incl. statutory VAT, free shipping
Item number: 238750

Please select Max. total weight!
Max. total weight
1600 kg 2000 kg 2500 kg 2800 kg
Availability: Sold out
Availability: Available in 3-5 working days
Only small number of pieces available
Availability: Sold out
Availability: Sold out
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Product details

For caravan tandem axle

Product description

Permanent safety when driving a car/trailer combination

Anyone who has experienced a critical driving situation with a trailer knows how sensitively trailers or caravans react at higher speeds - and the dangers that threaten! Small evasive manoeuvres, crosswinds on bridges, etc. bring the trailer quickly to a halt. There is a significant danger that the trailer will "rock" and become uncontrollable. AL-KO does not recommend driving a trailer without these "emergency electronics"!
ESP for the car, ATC for the trailer!

Simple function: Similar to the ESP in a car, the AL-KO ATC permanently controls the handling of the trailer or caravan.

In driving situations that cause the trailer to skid, the lateral acceleration sensors of the control electronics detect even the slightest lateral movement. The trailer is braked immediately - without the driver's influence. A few seconds of braking power are sufficient to bring the trailer back to a safe driving condition. The AL-KO ATC stabilisation system can be operated in addition to a trailer ESP in the car, which some car manufacturers provide.

Please note: ATC Trail Control is only available for AL-KO chassis!

Useful information

DID YOU KNOW... AL-KO's Trail Control ATC anti-skid system is an indispensable safety component for many caravans.

Recently, the installation of Trail Control for the trailer driver can also be worthwhile in terms of insurance.
Some insurance companies offer discounts of up to 7% on comprehensive insurance - for one caravan.

According to AL-KO, asking your insurance company cannot hurt, because you could save €100.

  • How long does the ATC take to install?
    Approx. 2 hours retrofit
  • Does the ATC have to be entered in the retrofit?
    No. It is sufficient to keep the ABE with the registered vehicle documents.
  • Where does the ATC gain its power supply?
    The ATC is connected to the distributor box of the trailer and supplied by the continuous plus of the 13-pole plug during driving.
  • How much electricity does the ATC need?
    (Standard fuse) 15 amperes.
  • Can the ATC be mounted on trailers with a 7-pin plug?
    No. A sufficient power supply cannot be achieved with a 7-pin connector.
  • Where does the light diode have to be installed?
    In the vicinity of the control device.
  • Does the braking light come on when the ATC is working?
    No. The ATC brakes gently, comparable to a motor brake on the car. The activation of the brake light is not required.
  • Does the ATC have to be maintained?
    No. The system is maintenance-free.
  • How do I know that the ATC is ready for operation?
    As soon as the 13-pin plug is connected to the towing vehicle, ATC performs a complete self-check (1 brake operation and plausibility check of the electronic system). The functional status is indicated by a green LED on the control device.
    Green = ready
    Red = out of service (but ready to drive)
    Flashing red = trailer braking (not ready to drive)
  • In the car, how do I know that the ATC emergency system is working?
    A gentle deceleration is noticeable in the car.

Download ADAC test report


Max. load 1600 kg
Min. empty weight 1000 kg
Type of manoeuvring aid Accessories
Design Double-axle
Colour silver
Total weight min.- max. 1300 - 1600 kg
Axes 2 Stück
Weight / traction max. 1600 kg


Max. load 2000 kg
Min. empty weight 1200 kg
Type of manoeuvring aid Accessories
Design Double-axle
Colour silver
Total weight min.- max. 1601 - 2000 kg
Axes 2 Stück
Weight / traction max. 2000 kg


Min. empty weight 1600 kg
Design Double-axle
Total weight min.- max. 2001 - 2500 kg
Axes 2 Stück


Max. load 2800 kg
Min. empty weight 1800 kg
Type of manoeuvring aid Accessories
Design Two-axle
Colour silver
Total weight min.- max. 2500 - 2800 kg
Axes 2 Stück
Weight / traction max. 2800 kg

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